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9th February 2010, 09:34 PM
Hi, I'm an owner of an awesome Kombat 105, but unfortunately last summer i've not used as i desire because of wind condition.
For this reason i'm thinking about the Formula (or something similar), imagine an average wind condition about 15knts, i'm 75kgs, 1.88cms, and a sail about 8.5 /9.0 mq.
What is your advice?
Is the wind speed enough? what kind of Formula (Lwr or Hwr)?
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9th February 2010, 11:05 PM
I think instead of a formula board, an iSonic 131 will be good for those sail sizes and wind speed.

10th February 2010, 01:37 AM
With 15 knots the IS 121 would do the job perfectly according to me, especially with your weight.

Minimum wind speed for formula + 12m2 rig: 6-7 knots. Pumping required to get planing. That's for me anyway and I'm 87kg.

mark h
10th February 2010, 02:28 AM
Hi Waver66
Not SB team here, but pretty easy question to answer:) It does sound like a formula could be the wrong board for you.

Your pretty light, and although on paper, your K105 should be a decent light weights summer board, its not. The rocker line/bottom shape is control biased, meaning its not designed as a light wind early planner.

Don't fall into the volume trap, look at board tail and max width for indications on its intended design range. A modern slalom board will have a massive "low end" advantage c/w a cross-over board like the Kombat. IE, an iS86 will get going sooner than a Kombat 105. 20 litres difference between both these boards, but they both have the same sail range, 5m to 7m. This shows how more efficient the iS is c/w the kombat.

A 3rd generation formula board will not work at its best if you only intend using an 8.5 to 9m sail. They need much more power/lift to ride correctly. So this is not a good option for you, unless you intend using a 10m/11m+ sail.

For the sail size you mention, 8.5m to 9m, you will way better going with either an iS121 or iS131. If your sailing in NO LESS than 15k winds, the iS121 will be perfect. If your sailing in flukey/gusty winds or the wind MIGHT drop below 12/15k, then you should be looking at the iS131.

Its also worth remembering that if you sail an iSonic in its lower wind range, whilst not to technical, they require an active sailing style. Meaning, you can't just sheet in, and away you go:) They need more imput.

Sorry to waffle-on, but like most questions, there's no simple answer. Theres always more than one way to cook a goose:)

10th February 2010, 03:54 AM
Like I said before. The iSonic 131 will be the best bboard for you with those sails and your weight.
I am 75kg and I use my 131 in this conditions all the time with my 8.4m MauiSails TR-5with a 48cm fin..
If the conditions get a little lite then i will use the same board with the 9.2m TR-5 with a 50cm fin.

10th February 2010, 04:15 PM
Thank you everyone for your tips, i was completely wandering about my choose, but now it seems clear what to buy. Probably the IS131 is the best choice, because if the wind might be stronger i can swap with the K105.
Thank you again,