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9th February 2010, 11:06 PM
Hi, i have a Quad convertible 86 but i donīt know what size of fins i must use in diferent conditions o when to use the quad setup, trifin setup o one fin setup.

What would be the size of the fin in trifin or monofin setup?

When is better trifin, quadfin or monofin setup?

My weight is 72kg and i donīt jump too much y prefer the surf.

Thanks for your help

10th February 2010, 04:39 AM
I personally for sure like Quad best. I have tried a bit with a tri fin setup, but for wave riding I have needed to go for a rather small center fin (14-15) to get the same loose feel as with the quad setup and then you loose a bit of upwind and planing. But for if you wanna use really big sails, a tri fin with a bigger center fin (17-19, maybe) could be an option. I have not tried only a center fins, but other people have and like it a lot. SO for a more traditional feel, this is for sure worth trying. Size would depend on sail size. What are you using on this board?

10th February 2010, 06:51 PM
hi Ola, thanks for your advice, we will try the board whit all setups, initially we have fins fron 21 to 25cm, for monofin it must be ok, but we haven`t any smaller fin as 17-19, if i can i will try to get one and try it too in trifin.
Thanks for your advice again.

11th February 2010, 02:27 PM

I have a question about the Quads and especially the fins.
I watched the video from Moreno twins on Continent 7 and I noticed that that one of the Moreno uses a Quad with the big fins back, probably it is a custom because as far as we know Starboard produces only Quads with the big fins front.
Do you have any info about it?

12th February 2010, 01:18 AM
I quickly watched the video and didn't see what you saw. Can you give me a link + a time where you can see this big fin back quad setup? I did see some of them used a convertible with a rather big fin in the back (ie set up as a tri fin). The Quad convertible goes well like this. It's not what I prefer myself, but it's good that such a setup also works cause it opens up even more tuning possibilities.

mikel: Yeah, wave fins from 21-25 is pretty much the right range to use it as a single fin. As a tri fin, you should try smaller in the middle, particulalry if you keep the big 16cm side fins.

12th February 2010, 12:25 PM
you must be correct Ola_H, should be a convertible with tri-fin layout, one single big fin with two thrusters, left/right.
One question, does the convertible has a normal US box for the big fin?
and what kind of thrusters can we use? how big they should be for the 71 lit?