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13th March 2010, 12:41 AM
I dont get any answers at the ask our team forum so i will try my luck here:
Futura 133- smallest fin and biggest sail!?!?
Me and my friend are going to order the new Futura 133 WC this week. We have also ordered ncx pro 6.5 and a red line 430 mast.

I have 2 questions...:

1. What fin size and shape(in other words which fin) do you recommend for this combo?

2. I have from before a ncx 2009 model 8.0m2 with a 490 blue line mast as my biggest sail.

Is there much to gain in early planing from buying a bigger/other sail with this board? And what sail should I buy?

Or do I need a bigger board if I am to plane any earlier. I have decided on the 133 (in stead of the 141) because I want to use my 6.5 with this board... (Wise choice?)
I am considering the glide 8.5, the ncx pro 9.0 and the element 8.5 or 9.5.

I am going to order my new gear this week so I am really thankful for any answers!

My weight is 89 kg, mostly sailing in the inner Oslofjord where the light wind sometimes varies quite a bit, quite a few lulls and gusts between 4 m/s and 8 m/s. (8 m/s to much for the glide 8.5?)

Regards from the norwegian winter landscape
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18th March 2010, 11:05 PM

I'm light and have a futura 122 and a wave board 74 liters. I'm interested for a futura 93 for a 6.6 and 5.2 sails. Do you think 93 liters are too much for my light weight ? I had before a tiga hyper X 85 liters.

Thank's I have to choose quickly..

19th March 2010, 03:01 AM
Iím right around 80 kilos and use the Futura 93 with 4.5 to 6.5 sails. You just need a smaller fin for the smaller sail.

The 133 should work great with a 6.5 freeride sail and freeride fin around 40-42 cm. I ran my 133 with a 38 cm fin and it was a little too small. A Drake 48 cm Drive fin worked great with the 6.6 but Iím going to pick up a 42 for stronger days with the 6.6. If you can squeeze a 9.0 on your 490 mast then I would. My biggest sail for the 133 is 8.5 and Iím about 9 kilos less then you.