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13th March 2010, 04:02 AM
Hi, I just purchased 2009 isonic 122 second hand looks in great shape overall . It arrived today and at the first check I saw a bubble about 5 cm diametre at the bottom (water side ) and pushing the thumb gently it feels a bit spongy. I'm really concerned about it .
1- Is it better to leave it as it is or do I have to fix it?
2- What is the proceedure of fixing?
"Sending the board to the dealer is not an option, I have to fix it myself."

One more thing, on the upper surface ( wooden side ) there are three milky looking areas which are dull and not transparent like the rest of the wooden surface of the board. These milky areas are 10x10cm big squares ( This is the first time I'm owning a starboard so I'm not so familiar if these are signs of something wrong or just normal.

I'll be very happy if you reply me soon..

Mesut Dogruc

I took a picture of the bubble with cellphone which is very low quality.. I hope it helps.

13th March 2010, 06:42 AM
Hi Mesut,
It's a little hard to tell from your photo is this little "bubble" is toward the nose or
toward the tail of your used iSonic.
If this is toward the nose, I would not worry about it.
The nose comes out of the water almost immediately so the bubble is not going to be in an area with any real stress on the skin of the board.
If you wish to repair it, you would need to open the bubble to see if there is a void
Then fill any void, sand the skin back at least 1/2" all around the bubble and rebuild the skin with layers of glass cloth, wood, and carbon, if your board has carbon in the layup.
Use epoxy resin and fair the repair in with the surrounding area, then repaint.
As far a "cloudy" areas on the top (wood) side, I would watch it to see if it's "spreading", but there is not much you can do (beyond coating the area with thinned epoxy or 2 part polyurethane varnish if you feel it's cloudy because it's taking in water.
The water would probably never make it in any further than the wood layer, but if the wood grain "raises" you need to seal it up.
Hope this helps,

13th March 2010, 01:43 PM
I am sorry but what does it means to fill the void with layers of glass, wood and carbon? You do not fill voids with fabric. If you have a void in a board, it means that the sandwich has collapsed and the only way to fix that is to inject some heavily microspheres loaded epoxy (small void), polyurethane (bigger void), or (1) cut out the area, (2) make a hard foam patch, (3) epoxy it in, and then, but only then, (4) laminate a localized layer of glass (4oz) to protect the patch. You can do any of those fixes without a vacuum pump and there is no need of carbon, multiple layers of fabric will not fix the problem, and certainly you do not want to use "wood" (and even if where is he going to find the proper one?).

Mdgoruc: try to talk to some pro, the "board lady" http://boardlady.com/ closed shop but still answers e-mail and her web site has a great collection of repair suggestions. Mike Lab's http://www.mikeslab.com/ or any other local builder can also give you advise on fixing the board.

14th March 2010, 06:03 AM
Thankyou Roger and David for your replies. After checking the "boardlady" I decided not to touch that bubble. It's much more complicated then I guess. I'll check the size of the bubble for progression. And the location of the bubble is not that critical " 50cm behind the front end at the edge of the right rail " .