View Full Version : New carbon/wood iSonic 133 vs. 144 in light winds

25th March 2010, 04:09 PM

A question for Remi or for everybody wants to help me.

When I made Formula and Slalom, for med-light winds I used:

2007 iSonic 133 (80 cm) / with 9.0
2007 Formula 161 / with 11.0

Now that I haven't more competitive spirit of some years ago (I left Formula and maybe Slalom agonism) I like to change both boards with only one, i.e. with a new wood/carbon iSonic 133 (or 144) so to cover above wind range.

Furtermore I'd like to keep both 9.0 and 11.0 sails.

What Isonic do you suggest?

My weight is 85 kgs but I want a boards for light winds.

Is it possible (and comfortable) to use a 11.0 with iS 144?

What is the comparison between 131 and 144 in light wind range? (and with an "old" 161)?

Thank you.

25th March 2010, 07:01 PM
If you are going to use the 11m sail you need the 144.