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eric b 125
26th March 2010, 09:29 PM
have a final order before i'm ready for the lake. i've already researched the harness and extension, as well as the difference b/w tendon and mechanical. my question is: single bolt 'twist-on' base, or two bolt? i'm guessing the two-bolt is better, because in my mind the single bolt has the potential to un-twist at inoppurtune times.

26th March 2010, 09:45 PM
Yep, what you say is my experience. Actually I went for a number of years with no problem with single bolt - always made sure I tightened it really well. Then on a newer one, it did slip or overtighten occasionally. I'm thinking this was due to the small ridges on the plate you press with your thumbs to tighten - perhaps I wasn't getting it as tight?? Went to 2 bolt - no problem.

eric b 125
26th March 2010, 10:35 PM
thanks for the quick response mike! guess i'll go with the two bolt.

27th March 2010, 11:24 AM
Hi Eric,
There are 2 "flavors" of single bolt twist on mast base plates.
The good ones are "on center" (the bolt that engages the nut down in the mast box
is directly on center with the tendon or rubber uni joint.
The ones that tend to "unscrew" are the ones with the clamping stud off center from the tendon or uni joint.
Lots of people like the 2 bolt models, but they tend to restrict the amount of fore and aft adjustment in your mast slot by around 4".
This can put your mast base in a not so good place on many of the newer boards with very short mast slots.
The 2 bolt bases are most often used by wave sailors.
Slalom racers, formula racers (with huge 10-12.5 m2 rigs) and most back and forth sailors use on center, single bolt, bases to avoid the mast slot length/postioning issue.
The single bolt bases are plenty strong enough unless you are wavesailing where the board and rig are likely to get "rolled" by the surf.
Hope this helps,

eric b 125
28th March 2010, 08:40 PM
roger, thats pretty interesting. i didnt even think about how the two bolt would restrict adjustment. i actually already ordered the two bolt, before i read your response. i read that at my skill level i should probably just keep the sail at the recommended position on my futura 144, at least until i get some techniques down.
also, after hearing the good, bad, and ugly about the deviator i went ahead and bought one, and a two bolt was also recommended for that. whether i'm going to use the deviator or not is something i'm still debating. i wanted some sort of nose protection but i didnt want to have a cracked nose that couldnt be seen b/c of a nose guard. someone told me that i should either hold onto the sail, or let go of it (cant remember which one) when getting launched, to prevent the impact to the nose of the board...?