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29th March 2010, 04:30 AM
Hi everyone!

Please help me to choose between two new boards (iSONIC 150 & FORMULA HWR/LWR).
I prefer iSONIC because its cheaper and I am a fan of slalom boards.
My weight is 88 kg and I wonder weather I'll have the same possibilities with iSONIC 150 as with FORMULA (early planning, driving with low wind,...).
I already have iSONIC 133 (2008), FORMULA 147 (board is for my wife), GAASTRA VAPOR 7.0 and GTX 8.5.
I will combine new board with SEVERNE OVERDRIVE 9.7 (2010).
So, what do you prefer for 7-10 knots?

29th March 2010, 10:03 PM
Hi i5who,

If you keep this sail at the max size, better to choose the iSonic 150. If you plan to buy an 11m that will be the LWR.

Hope this help

All the best

29th March 2010, 10:58 PM
My take on this is that you will not plane in 7 or 8 knots with either combination -

iS 150 with a 9.7
LWR with a 9.7

In 9 - 10 knots and good pumping, you may plane on both boards. The only way to plane in under 9 knots is with a formula board and 11-12 meter sail for someone weighing 88kg.

I weight 78 kg and have an 11.0 on a formula 160. A steady 9-10 knots and I can get going without too much pumping. Under 9 knots, it's a struggle, any holes and I come off plane quickly.

All of the above assumes you sail in fresh water. Salt makes it a little easier.

In the range of 6-10 knots, there are lots of variables that impact planing or not planing - Actual wind speed; water state / chop; fin; board; sail size; rigging / tuning; mast; boom; pumping skill; experience. The point is - it's not an exact science and all we can do is make estimates (guesses) based upon available information.

Hope this helps.

30th March 2010, 04:06 AM

Remi, I am not planing to buy a bigger sail than 10m2 so I find your answer very usefull.

Ken, I am sailing on salt water (CROATIA-PAG) with Gasstra GTX 8,5 and old F147 on 7-10 knots (not sure how many knots exactly), but it takes lot of pumping. On a bit stronger wind (10-11 knots) i sail vary fast.

Remy & Ken Im asking your confirmation will the ISONIC 150 with OVERDRIVE 9,7 can give me the same experience as the old formula on 7-10 knots???

Greetings from Croatia!

30th March 2010, 05:40 AM
Hi i5who,

You will plane much earlier than the 133 2008 with this combo. In sensation is more a big iSonic than a small Formula. So speed on the reach will be very good compare to Formula but less angle for the Up Wind.

All the best

30th March 2010, 08:43 PM

I have no experience with the iS 150 so I can't say for sure that it will equal the performance of the 147. I had a F147 too before the F160 that I now have and I liked the board(s) a lot.

With that said, I think the 147 will still plane a little earlier than the 150 because of its width in the tail in 7-10 knots (+ or - one knot difference??). Once on plane, the 150 has the potential to go a little faster, jibe better, but won't go upwind or deep downwind as well.

mark h
30th March 2010, 10:54 PM
Sorry to butt in.

If you already have an iS133 and plan to keep it? Or replace it with an iS150/HWR

If you are keeping the iS133, then it must surely be sensible to get the HWR or LWR to open up a very usable gap.

If you intend to swap the iS133 for either an iS150/HWR, then I'd go with an iS150 for it bigger usable range.

Like Remi say's, the only down side to having a HWR/LWR is that your 9.7m is considered a "high wind" formula sail. SB formula's from FW161 onwards like big powerful sails, so it might not feel 100% right with a 9.7m. The 9.7m on iS150 would be considered a light wind sail and would work very well.

Early planing, the FW147 tail width at 74cm is pretty narrow by today's standards, 80cm plus is normal now. The 147 still has a wider tail than the iS150, but it also has more nose rocker on the iS150, the iS150 has a very wide and low nose which assist in early planing. I'll stick my neck out and say you will only loose about 2 knots of wind on the 147 Vs 150 thing.

Unless you have won the lottery:) an iS133 and iS150 would be real luxury. iS133 and A HWR would be perfect if you live in a low wind/inland water spot. But, it would definetly be worth while trying to get hold of an 11m sail to get the most of a HWR.