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2nd April 2010, 11:56 PM
In short:
Does SB have any plans of introducing a Hydro-Foiled Serenity or similar?

There is some hint of this on
"...John Carter was sent on the prowl and doesn't disappoint, investigating so called 'Super Slims', hydrofoil technology and a smaller Serenity...."

An older discussion on this subject:

The Long Explanation:
I live in a light-wind area and have been sailing mostly D2, IMCO, Formula and Serenity for the last few years.

I love Formula from the first day have I sailed it, but wind is often too light for it here, which is when Serenity comes into the game.

Until a few weeks ago I thought it was the perfect combination:
+ serenity for 0-9 knots
+ Formula for 10 and up
"always the fastest single-handed on the water"

That until a few weeks ago, when I have been literally blown away by MOTH's ability to plane waaaaaaaay earlier than Formula !!! Me and 3 mates were out on Formula gear when the wind started to die and after a few Schlog-Pump-Plane-Schlog series we were condamned to Schlog home, but all this time the MOTH was happily Flying by us on foils - an this is on 8m2 sail, while we had no chance to even pump on 10-11m2 !!!

I tried the next day to beat him on Serenity and a 11m2 sail in similar conditions with the following results:
<6 knots => Moth on Water => Serenity MUCH faster on all points of sail
>6 knots => Moth on Foils => Moth a BIT faster on all points of sail!

Which brings me to the question in the beginning:
why not design a Serenity with Hydrofoils?
+ Fast in displacement mode and
+ Fast on Foils!

Of course I am not the first (see link in beginning), but it would resolve the "Hybrid Drama" of a "one board all-round solution"! It could be the single-handed to beat, especially 0-12 knots - and these are the most common conditions around the world!

I have to admit that Formula development seems to be stuck the last few years, with 2007 equipment (SB 161, NP RS-R) still competitive on top level!

It is also more and more evident that other classes are catching up - and surpassing:
+ course-racing kites faster downwind and close upwind,
+ moth Foiling and passing by in less wind with smaller sail...

Maybe the foils could be the next big step forward?
Maybe also an interesting contender for the next WS olympic class?!?