View Full Version : Code 80 of ET80 for light days

9th April 2010, 07:12 AM

I'm looking for a board for light days (sail 5.2...5.8). I 73kg and 173cm and for high days I have 70l Evo. Now I have -06 RRD FSW 94liter which is great board for freestyle and wave. But because my freestyle time is over so I need smaller board.
So my dealer have -09 Kode and Evil Twin. Both are 80liters. Which do you prefer? I mainly surf in onshore-conditions so clewfirst-drive is important, but I like those hard cutting pintails. I have tried 70 and 74 liters Evils which are great for our chilly, finnish waves.
ET is twin so it might be the one, but how about width for my size? Kode is narrower but single fin. Or are those both maybe to small for my purpose? Could board around 85 liters suit better?

9th April 2010, 09:39 PM
The Kode 80 is in practice a far smaller board than the ET80, more comparable to the ET74. It can take a 5.8 tough, but I think the ET80 will get going earlier with this big a sail. The ET will be easier to surf the wave on in onshore. It's sick for that with it's ability to both be carved on the straighter mid section (both fast and slow) and then go vert on the curvy rear section. The K80 i more lives on its speed in onshore, so you need to drive it in a more precise manner. It can be very nice, but for sure more demanding. Generally, you will need to be more powered up on the K80 both for straight line sailing and wave riding, but at the same time it rewards with more speed. ET80 is more relaxed in this sense, when wave riding (even in onshore) you can surf it much more.

Kode 80: for sure "hard cutting pin tail feel" but unless you always ride with speed and power, I think its on the small side when you already have the EVO 70.
ET80: Not har cutting pintail, but extremely surfy and it can be extremely effective on onshore wave riding. Maybe you'll like a set of faster fins on it for more B&J oriented sailing, but otherwise a great fit and a good companion to the EVO70.