View Full Version : Replacing Carve 151 & 105 HS with Futura 133?

11th April 2010, 05:01 AM

Can I have advice on replacing a Carve 151 and a 105 HS with a Futura 133? Sails: 8.5 m and 7m. Me, 65kg.

I am anticipating that the Futura would :

go faster than the C151
get planing just as early, with a 52cm fin and a bit of pumping
be more user friendly than the HS105, especially in the corners
be as fast as the HS 105

Am I wrong?

PS Is this forum Safari friendly??


14th April 2010, 11:47 AM
Yes, not going bigger than 8.5, I think the F133 would have a good chance of competing with the bigger carve. At the other end, it will depend a lot of your technique and also on how small sails you will use. The HS105 is after all a smaller board. But the Futura is also very controllable and easy to ride, so I don't think the speed difference would be very big.