View Full Version : Severene Blade / Mixing Powerex Skinnies

11th April 2010, 07:37 PM
Severne contact link not working on their site so I thought I would post here...

Just upgraded my Severene Blades. The 2010 5.3 has a fixed top. Recommended mast is a 430...however luff is just over that. My extension adds a min 10cms...so too long...(arghh... its actually a severne extension). To get around this I can mix my 400 & 430 powerex skinnies? Which bottom and top combination should I use? Thanks

11th April 2010, 09:04 PM
Short answer (guess)
430 top with 400 bottom. Reason: Powerex is average to flex top in curvature(12-14). Late Severnes are stiff top (around 10). Try it first and see.

Long answer: I had 07/08 Blades. Looked best with Powerex compared to Maui Sails RDM (and so got rid of it). Now have 09 S1s. Look best with Gaastra 100 RDM (unable to find a Redline in US) compared to Powerex.