View Full Version : Formula 160 - Adhesive Advice Needed

4th May 2010, 04:53 PM

I've recently bought a 2nd hand Starboard Formula 160. When I got the board one of the plastic protective washers that are normally stuck on the top surface of the rear of the board where the fin bolts go through was missing. I've got a replacement plastic washer from my Starboard dealer but I'm having difficulty sticking it to the board.

So far I've tried to stick it back on with the following:

- Evo Stik Timebond Contact Adhesive - the adhesive stuck to the board but not to the plastic washer.
- Superglue - It appeared to work but after the first session back on the water when I removed the fin the plastic washer dropped off.

Can anyone recommend me an adhesive that I can use that won't damage the board ?

Thanks, Mark