View Full Version : SB RIO, screw holes under the board

5th May 2010, 06:14 PM
I have just received my new SB RIO S. Under the board, just in front of the daggerboard, there is two small holes (looking like the screw holes for the footstraps, but a litle bit closer together).

What is the purpose of these holes?

Regards from Norvest

6th May 2010, 12:28 PM
Hi Norvest,
In your board kit, there should have been a short piece of web strap, folded over into a loop, with
2 short screws thru it.
The web strap is an attachment point for a tether line for teaching beginners.
The holes are sealed (like footstrap screws) as this is a special "tether insert" that's molded into the bottom of your board.
If you would like to make a tether, to use to control beginners on your Rio S, attach
the web strap to the insert, attach a light line to it with a 6 oz. (0.17 Kg) lead fishing
sinker/weight a few inches below the length of the centerboard (when in the down and
deployed position.
With this setup, your new sailors can sail around to the extent of the tether without tangling the tether line in the centerboard or fin of the Rio.
You can hold the tether in your hand, or use a short tether to an anchor or weight on the sea bed.
Hope this helps,