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26th May 2010, 09:39 PM
would like to know what *board's motivation is to link its brand to Deboichet????? And please don't say you do not do that, because you advertise Deboichet fins to be the best fit to your Isonics, you say we get 10% discount and you provide the board without a fin.

So to my understanding you are strongly incentivating us to buy from Deboichet saying that it is the perfect match.

However, have you ever heard of someone that does not have any troubles getting a reply from Deboichet??? Not to say getting a fin...... Is that possible at all if you are not a pro racer?????

They might have excellent fins, but they have the worst customer services I have ever experienced. Kashy at least is honest and says it will take 2 years to get a fin or you have a chance to pay more and get it faster. Deb doesn't even answer emails. In what world do they live? Maybe in a parallel world like in LOST? No execuse to be offline nowadays. There are pushmail softwares, Iphones, Ipads etc. to get you online and Im sure they can afford it based on the price they charge (which I do not have any problems in paying, if I would just get a fin...). And no distribution channel at all nor a online sales service? Man, I can't believe other fin companies don't take advantage of that, invest in R&D and build a better fin and offer good customer service. This would be the end for Deb.

Maybe Im blowing this out of proportion, but at the moment Im quite pissed off with that. Bought an isonic and wanted to get the best fin for it as recommended by the brand of the board I bought, but that seems to be impossible in this life. maybe I try in another one......

26th May 2010, 11:45 PM
haha good point poster 1. I have also been trying to contact Deboichet because I recently bought an Isonic, but Im almost giving up.

Will follow Mark h's suggestion and get a Select or a C3 Sting fin. Guess that is all we as customers can do, buy from other companies and stop insisting in buying from a company that doesn't want to do business......

But guys at starboard, poster 1 got a point, you should probably stop recommending Debs and suggest something else that works well on your slalom boards. I have done some research and I always see Remi, Kevin and others recommending Debs, but you are just frustrating your own customers (see poster 1) because it is very difficult to buy a Deboichet...... just food for thought......

27th May 2010, 01:18 AM
Purchased 3 debs 6 months back, and got a very fast reply from them (Oriana). Finns landed 2-3 weeks later. Maybe I was lucky, I donīt know - but I can clearly understand your frustration.