View Full Version : brand new iS 121 WC foot strap screws/holes problem

31st May 2010, 02:14 AM
I finally got my brand new iS121 WC 2010 (3rd one the dealer had delivered, first had long dent in bottom under most foot, second was -quoting the dealer- "total crap" (paint completely mucked up and fin box partially filled), the third (the one I have now) resists moderate attemps to attach the original foot straps with the original screws to the board (it also has a questionable spot on the bottom close to the fin that one can actually feel without looking, but all the boards in the shop had a few similar "spots" at random locations so that might be "normal"))).

Question is: should I apply a bit more pressure or just return the board unused and get yet another one?

While trying to screw the screw into the board it makes a grinding noise and doesn't catch straight, instead it catches and wobbles at the speed you screw. I already tried to force it in straight (very moderately) but as soon as I would let off pressure it would "wobble" again. I alread stuck a screwdriver into the hole and turned it around a few times and blew into it as well to no avail.

What does Starboard recommend?

Chris Pressler
31st May 2010, 06:26 AM
Hi Duracell,
would recommend you to get screws with less diameter. Just check out the shop! After using the thinner screws sometimes the original ones will also fit into the holes. Try to screw in a straight angle. But guess you also can use the big ones, but needs a lot of power to get them in.

Good luck,

31st May 2010, 09:02 AM
Hi Duracell,
The new boards use 7mm PT screws (vice the 6mm PT screws that were used before).
As Chris P. suggests, if you have an older 6mm FS screw, it's a good idea to put some soap on it (as a lubricant) and screw it down straight in the FS screw holes (with out the
footstrap). This will tend to "tap" the correct pitch threads in the holes.
The use soap on the 7mm screws and they will go down in the holes pretty nicely.
The grinding noise you hear is the plastic trying to "stick" to the screw.
Use some soap to help with this and I think you will like the new 7 mm FS screws.
Hope this helps,

1st June 2010, 05:57 PM
Soap, pressure and a bit of persistence fixed the problem, thanks.

Viable question would be: do most surfers have a bar of soap with them when the go surfing?

Still worried about the suspicious spot on the bottom but after 1 session no problem.

BTW I'm otherwise SERIOUSLY impressed with the is121 wc wonder how it'll work in lighter winds.

1st June 2010, 07:16 PM
Hi Duracell,
"Do most surfers have a bar of soap with them when they go surfing"?
Good question, but maybe we can change that when windsurfers find
out the many uses soap can have.
1/ Footstrap screws
2/ Lubricant for mast base nuts.
3/ Lubricant for boom adjustments tubes. (Makes them slide really nice like a trombone)
4/ Great for mast ferrules. (Keeps out some of the grit and makes them easier to seperate if they do get stuck.) Use with a wrap of electrical tape over the joint and you will virtually never have a problem with a stuck mast. Keeps the mast much lighter as it seals water
5/ Use soap as a "marking medium" when fitting fin heads. Also serves to make Tuttle and Deep Tuttle fins easier to slide in and out of the board cavitiy.

6/ Lubricant fro fin screws.
7/ Lubricant for camber inducers.
8/ Lubricant/protectant for batten tensioner screws.
9/ Lubricant for centerboard pivots/side plates and gaskets.
So, there are 9 things that a bar of soap can help with.
As far as the IS 121 WC in light winds, you are in for a treat.
It will be great in 10-12 knots with an => 8.5 m2 rig and still very good
in 18-20 knots with a 5.5-6.5. It's a very wide range of use board.
Hope this helps,

15th June 2010, 01:31 AM
great answer!

hope I get my board back soon