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3rd June 2010, 09:20 AM
I have a few questions about the Futura 111 board before I make my final decision.

I currently own a 2001 Carve 99 (can't believe it is that old already :eek:).
My weight is 70kg. I use this board exclusively with my 7.2 NP Hellcat, combined with a 34cm freeride fin and with outboard footstrap setup.
I know, that's quiet a big sail for 99 liters, but that's how I feel comfortable... with less volume under the feet, despite some disavantages in the lower end.

At the time I purchased that board, I was using my it both with a 7.0 and a 6.0. But today, there is a new 90 liters Freestyle Wave board in my quiver, and I much prefer sailing this one when powered with my 6.0.

So here I am, looking for a new board that will be dedicated to my 7.2 in freeriding conditions (small chop, mostly flat), A board that would outperform the Carve 99 on many aspects. Also, a board that would be more distinct from my Freestyle Wave 90l.
- Faster when reaching or going upwind.
- Plane in lower wind
- Floatier when wind dies (or at least give this impression).

Making the switch from Carve 99 to Futura 111 seems like solution that would realy make a good difference. Much shorter, much wider, the Futura should get me planning in less wind.
But I have only one fear: in well powered 7.2 conditions, will the 111 be too much board to be comfortable?
Will it feel big and heavy when going through chop?
The 68cm width makes me wonder how well I'll be able to control the board at speed and on occasionally rough water,
Should I consider the Futura 101 instead? Would it feel more like home for me?
Would the 101 make enough difference in sailing performance compared to the Carve 99? (I'm mostly thinking about quickness to plane here).
How about uphauling on the 101 compared to the 99? One more difficult thant the other?

Basically, I'm trying to understand if there is a big feeling difference between the 101 and 111. If not too different, I would go for the 111 for little extra security in case the wind dies.

Last question: On the Carve 99, the 34cm fin works so well with my 7.2. On the Futura 111, the fin is 38cm. My understanding is that this fin will work best since the board is wider.
But would I gain confort using my 34cm instead? Or is the 34cm too short for such a wide board + more outboard foostrap setup?
That may sound like a weird question, but I don't have much experience with boards over 100 liters. 38cm fin looks like a lot of fin to me.

Enough questions. Hope to find some good comments before I pull out the Master Card from my wallet :)


3rd June 2010, 09:43 AM
A F111 for the extra is the go. I have a F111 and F93. The F111 I use a 7.5m V8, but a 7.2m would fine.

3rd June 2010, 10:21 AM
Hi Windjee,

Please check this link, it might help you :


All the best