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22nd June 2010, 04:53 PM
After looking at Starboard and Severne website, I found that Starboard's extension and uj use the 2-pin (US base) and Severne has only the Euro-pin type for the extension and uj. Is there any reason why this is so?

Is it true that PWA racers prefer the Euro-pin type and wave sailors prefer the 2-pin US base type?

Does anybody know if there is any difference in term of efficiency of these 2 types of joints?



chris muzza murray k202
22nd June 2010, 05:02 PM
hello i think that its mostly preference and what you are used too as a number of wave sailors use both systems.

i find the pin system easyer my self but some people think the pin us system is safer as two poins of contact but i find that a bit tricky. when removing or changing sails quickly.

which ever one you choose stick too it as it can be massivly frustrating if you mix and match between two systems if you want to switch boards and you have different mast feet forever changing them over.

hope that helps

Unregistered - Nico
23rd June 2010, 08:36 PM
Europin fan, my two cents.
Still cannot understand the advantages of Us system. They say that two pins are safer, pheraphs because if one ot two breaks, one can save you from loose the rig, but I have some doubts that one small pin can resist such a pressure. And therefore in us system the walls of the mast base and extension that receive the two pins seems thinner and subject to breackage. And it seems really unconvenient in many situations.
Never happened a problem to my europin extensions in more than 12 years, even in strong catapult caused by almost sudden stop in shallow water when I found a mud or sand bank. But I have to admit that unfortunately I'm not a waver (still a wannabe). And surely some chinastyle locking devices of some cheap europin extensions are to be avoided.
I await for answers from more expert surfers.