View Full Version : best suitebole mast to the combo ncx pro/gator

27th June 2010, 02:44 AM
I have just bought a new Futura 122 wood/carbon and two sails; NCX pro 6,5 m2 and Gator 5,5 m2.
I want to have just one mast for the two sails.
The lokal shop does not have the SDM Redline 430 mast (the one I want most).
Should I shoose a SDM Blueline 430 mast or should I go for the SDM Enigma 430 mast when the mast should fit both sails?
The shop will give me the Enigma mast for the same prize as the Redline mast (because the shop messed up my order).
I am a medium advanced sailer (just learned powerjibes).
I will be thankful for answers.


27th June 2010, 02:53 AM
Referring Severne 2010 web-page:
Is it a fact that the Enigma 430 mast is havier (1,7) than the SDM Red line 430 mast (1,6)??
I thought that the Enigma mast was the ultimate Severne-mast altso conserning weight?