View Full Version : what mast is best to the combo ncx pro/gator?

28th June 2010, 02:39 AM
Havent got any answer from the team-sailers so I rather try here:
I have just bought a new Futura 122 wood/carbon and two sails; NCX pro 6,5 m2 and Gator 5,5 m2.
I want to have just one mast for the two sails.
The lokal shop does not have the SDM Redline 430 mast (the one mast I want mostely).
Should I shoose a SDM Blueline 430 mast or should I go for the SDM Enigma 430 mast when the mast should fit both sails (NCX pro 6,5/Gator 5,5)?
The shop will give me the Enigma mast for the same prize as the Redline mast (because the shop messed up my order).
I am a medium advanced sailer (just learned powerjibes).
I will be thankful for answers.