View Full Version : Futura wood carbon with cracking deck

8th July 2010, 04:40 PM
Hi starboard team.
I owned a starboard futura 122 wood carbon year 2010, i am a weekender - intermediate sailor 87 Kg, and I use the board to flat water to light chop spot with winds 15-22 Knots and I usually use a 6.6 m sail. I have used the board totally about 15 times, and I have to say that i used to be very happy to have such a board !!.. but last time I used the board I discovered 4-5 cracking lines (8-15 cm long) parallel to the center line of the deck and around the mast box. When i claimed this to the local distributor (Greece), he reacted very positively and he gave me a new board exactly the same!!!! So far so good...... but unfortunatelly after 2 days in the water the same cracking apeared on the carbon deck. Of course i claimed again to the distributor and again he was very positive against me but he told me that it the first time he meet this claim. After this claim he gave me my money back !!!!!!!! I have to say that he is an excelent person & distributor, but can anybody from Starboard give me some explanation about this issue ? I have to say that i am very unhappy not to have a starboard board anymore !!!!

31st July 2010, 07:49 AM
This same thing happened to my 2010 wood-carbon iSonic. I bought it from new. After the first few times of use, the sanded-finish surface layer of the deck where the anti-ski lies become delaminated from its body. When I examined it in more detail, some longitudinal crack trace is identified which is exactly the same as what is described in the preceeding thread. Frankly I would say that it is a nice board that goes really fast. I hope small defects like this can be better controlled in production to make it really a great board.