View Full Version : Facts about the iSonic 133

11th July 2010, 01:57 PM
Just got a iSonic 133. It's sweet. Everything good you've ever heard about it is absolutely true. Anything bad was written by those Carve 140-whatever boosters. It always planes and never gets overpowered, in any wind, any sail size. I doesn't matter. That's engineering for you.

Here are some other little known facts about this mighty amalgamation of of carbon, wood and steel.

You can sail it with a 13m2 sail in an apocalypse.

It has two speeds, sub planing and kill.

Levi Siver keeps two under his house for wave sailing when no one is watching.

A Carve can't plane unless a iSonic does first, and even then it has to say "please".

It will deliver a roundhouse kick to Satan's face in the battle of Armageddon.

If you get catapulted from it, it's not a catapult it's a trebuchet.

It is banned from pwa freestyle for making clew first switch stance chachos too easy.

Antoine Albeau, Fred Haywood, Robby Naish, Guy Cribb, Laird Hamilton, Peter Hart and Bjorn Dunkerbeck all refer to it in the first person without the prefix "The".

In any free forum question regarding the isonic, the answer is always yes. But you have to believe.

It's a really good board.