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12th July 2010, 07:57 PM
After watching the Slot Box video, how does this differ from than the FCS box other than dimension of box and fitting screw?

Unregistered - Nico
15th July 2010, 03:44 PM
Waiting for the answer from someone else than me, I can only add this questions after seeing the video.
Slot box seems surely more convenient than Us, but: screw heads positioned that way don't seem to me the most hidrodynamic solution, what about? And therefore screw tips push directly on the vtr-carbon head of fin, so what about wear and tear day by day pulling away and then fixing again the fins?
Imho minituttle with one single screw through the board is the best for strenght and hidrodynamic, and still almost lightweight.

15th July 2010, 09:13 PM
I use the FCS system to hold the side fins on my SUP. The Slot Box appears to be a scaled-up version of the FCS concept if not a licensed alternative.

As for hydrodynamic efficiency, locating a protruding screw head directly in front of the foil's leading edge is just about the least effective way to avoid drag or screw up the flow across the fin. Locating the bolts off the the side and countersunk is a better alternative, at least in terms of flow across the fin.

My only problem with the FCS concept is the damage to the board if the fin hits a rock or something. The A and E boxes cause the fin to break before the box blows out or allows the impact to blow off the board's tail as would be the case using a Tuttle, for example.

Unregistered Nico
18th July 2010, 01:23 AM
Exacly in that case, or better in the common one in wave of sliding in the sand in shallow water the slot box seems to me subject of risks of loosing the fins, as they are not really screwed down but somewhat pushed by one side of the box to the other, so they could slide out with a strong pressure.
About hidrodynamic yes us-box is not the most one, I agree, especially for the hole that is usually left in front of the fin head, but this seems to be also in slotbox system, pheraphs in the longer one. About the us tiny screw with almost flat head doens't seems to me that causes more problems than two heads placed at 30' degrees. Imho

18th July 2010, 11:47 AM
The screws push on a router out section of the fin base so there is little chance of them coming out unless your screw backs itself off quite a bit. So far after using the system for the past two weeks on my 77 and 82 liters boards I like the ease of changing fins and the different fin setups for the boards going from onshore to sideshore and skate positions. They change the performance and feel of the boards a great deal.

Only concern I have is that it will be fairly easy to strip the threads in the hole if too much pressure is applied to the screw driver. Not much is needed to make the fins totally rigid and secure, but the tendency from many of us is to apply more torque than is necessary. I recommend that the dealers and Starboard make customers aware of this potential problem.