View Full Version : Why do the new Carve weigh more than the old?

13th July 2010, 01:32 AM
I was the proud owner of the first vintage Cave (red and wood) and now have a 2004 131. Was pleased to see the new Carve this year, but when I looked at the specs, I was suprised to find that the weight for the new one (131) wood/D-ram is 7,9-9,2 kg, compared with the 7,3-7,7 for my 2004 model. Why?

15th July 2010, 11:02 PM
I tried the new ones, the 121 in Tufskin, yesterday and today.

Yesterday the wind was force 6-7 with violent chop and waves. NOT good conditions for this board. I was using a Severne Mojo 6.0m, completely over powered, getting killed. In these conditions the board was quite fast and I could jump it, though controlling it in the air was impossible, so a bad takeoff = bad landing followed by catapult. The board was really hard to jibe in these conditions, and felt pretty rough on the water.

Today the wind was lighter. I used a Severne NCX 6.5m, and was mainly underpowered. This sail has very little power, atleast compared to the Mojo. Today I found the board pretty crap, I got a lot of spinout, and the upwind angle is terrible. Yesterday, I was pointing upwind SOOO much better on an oldschool Fanatic Bee 82l and a 5.3m Mojo.

The upwind was such that I couldn't get many jibes in, though the ones I did get, even well powered up, were finished nonplaning. At my weight, 58kgs, this new "Carve" really doesn't like carving...

The board probably performs much better in Wood or even Technora, but still, I was not exactly impressed with my ride on it. Makes really appreciate the performance of my Futura 93l in comparison.