View Full Version : Switching from 125 to 115 board, the same model - complicated decision

27th July 2010, 03:43 PM
Hi Roger and all,

Long time no speak, as they say. ;-)
Let me copy my rec.windsurfing question here, perhaps somebody can help (even though the board in question is not Starboard).

I'm looking into switching to a smaller board to learn more and handle
chop/harsher conditions better.
I'm thinking about changing from 125/69cm Tabou Rocket to 115/64cm
(same model, perhaps lighter version).

The larger sail I want to use is 7.5 (my weight 85-90kg, I sail lakes/
bays/choppy water).
Currently my Rocket 125 gets me on plane with 7.5 in the marginal
conditions, I'm wondering how 115 will be different in that (I'm sure
it needs more wind than 125, the question is how much more or maybe
it'll only stop in the wind holes more often than 125).

Another question is the fin setup: right now I use 46cm with 7.5 and
37cm with 6.4 and 5.2 (too big, I know, but I rarely sail in 5.2
115 comes with 37/38cm fin and can also handle 7.5 - so should I use
this fin as maximum or my previous 46cm?


P.S. This is my 5th year windsurfing, feels like it was yesterday when I was asking my first questions here.

27th July 2010, 07:29 PM
Hi Marek,
Yes. it has been quite a while.
I'd say your thinking on these 2 boards is pretty good, but I wonder why you are getting two boards so close to each other?
The volume (125 ltr vs 115 ltr) and the width (69cm vs 65 cm) are quite close so I'm not sure you are going to get the difference in ride through the chop you seem to want/need.
This would seem especially true since they are both the same design.
Why not go down to a smaller board (100-110 liters) and about 60-62 cm wide?
Sailors can normally use a 7.5 m2 rig on a 100 liter board without much problem.
As far as the fin size goes, you will be able to use your 46 cm on the 115 Tabou
for really marginal conditions, but you may find the 37/38 works better.
A larger fin can help you get on plane, and maybe a little to stay on plane in the
holes, but it will not help with the chop and that seems to be the reason you are
looking at a smaller board.
Hope this helps,

27th July 2010, 08:44 PM
Hi Roger, always there, huh? ;-)
Thanks for a quick reply as always.

Regarding my question - I want to sell 125 and get 115 if that wasn't clear.
And bouncing in the chop in 7.5/46cm weather is not a problem, but it starts to be a problem with 6.4/37cm, especially when I'm on the bay with larger chop/some swells (I need to carry on and stay concentrated on choosing my way over the chops all the time). I still remember your advice to set my mastfoot back in the chop and it helps, but the size of the board is something I obviously cannot tune down without getting a new board.

I know eventually I'll need more than 1 board, but for now I prefer to stick to a single one. First reason is budget, second is that knowing myself I'll be bringing my 2 boards everywhere (because "perhaps there will be some wind for a smaller board") which is a hassle I don't like (I worked my sails quiver to a nice, very manageable setup of 3 sails, 2 masts and 1 boom, everything in high carbon).
As for the size difference, I learned to make smaller steps (remember when I switched from 148 ftype to 111 carve and it was too much for me at the time?). I feel I'm not ready for a ~100 ltr board yet.

125 is great but it feels too big sometimes or not too challenging when the water is flat. I know I can handle it even in large chop, but I want to ride more effortlessly. The only thing I'm afraid with 115 is how much early planing I will sacrifice. I need to get my fix almost every week and usually that means local lakes and marginal 7.5 weather.

Another thing is that I don't really know which way my windsurfing career will go. I'm definitely not into straight-line speeding on a slalom/race gear, on the other hand I don't see too many chances to progress into serious wave sailing. I feel it would be great to learn jibing in various conditions really well (I don't exit my jibes planing :-( which tells me I should just stick to whatever board I have and master my jibes first), learn some jumping and see where can I go from there.