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4th August 2010, 09:40 PM
Hi, I'm looking for a low wind board and I've decided on the Futura but don't know which size to get, 133 or 144. My largest sail is a 7.5 and I would get an new 8.5 (maybe I should get a 9.0 I have to decide that too) made for light winds to allow me to plane in light winds.

My weight is 84kg.
This is to get the most of light wind, 8 knots up if possible.
In these light winds there are often lulls.
This is lake, so in light winds, pretty much flat water.
I only need this board for ligtht winds if it picks up to a 6.5,l can switch board, I'm not getting this board for that.


5th August 2010, 01:32 AM

The 2010 Futura boards include 133, 141 & 155. Why not the 155?

I sail Formula and need an 11.0 sail to plane in 7-8 knots, plus if I hit a hole, I will come off plane. I weigh 77 kg. Normally, I will not go out unless it's blowing 6-12 knots at a minimum because of the puffy conditions of lake sailing.

Realistically, I don't think you will plane in 8 knots with a 9.0 on either the 133 or 141, and if you do, you will not stay there long. However, the 155 will give you your best shot with a lot of pumping. If you get one additional sail, a 9.0 would be your best bet. If you want to add two larger sails, then I would go with an 8.5 and a 10.0 with the 155.

The iSonic 150 is another option since it's wider tail will help you plane a little bit earlier. Take a look at this previous thread and you will be overloaded with light wind planing information.