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8th August 2010, 05:01 PM
Dear all,
I want to buy a new wave sail for the days with little wind on side-shore and on-shore (Euro) conditions.
It will be my biggest sail and with my 82kg I want it to get me going in the ligtest wind.
Now I wander, whitch sail is best for me, the Blade 5,7m or the S1 5,9? The Blade is a bit smaller, but the S1 is not known for being a low-wind power sail. Or am I wrong??
Thank you all in advance for your reply!

13th September 2010, 08:33 PM
Dear Huub,
From my point of view, the S-1 is a better sail over all. It is stiffer, lighter and has way more technology than the Blade. Although the Blade has more power, I still use the S-1 in light wind days due to its weight and how easy to handle it is. What board do you have?
Sebastian PER-7

20th October 2010, 03:20 AM
Hi there! Thanks for your reply.
I have a 83 liter waveboard (F2 gorilla) and a 110 Fanatic Skate. My favorite moves are waveriding moves.
I want to use the S1 as my biggest sail on my waveboard and for easy days on my freestyle board (to ride waves and do some easy freestyle tricks).
Thanks for your reply in advance! Huub