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15th August 2010, 01:54 AM
Hi all,

I spend most of my summers in Britanny, where the wind is usually force 4 and sometimes 5.

So far this year, the only sail I've been on is my biggest, a 7.2 tribord (2 cams) and at no stage have I been overpowered. I weigh 60kgs and my level is good now, when the wind is here I can plane through jibes despite my heavy and inefficient board, a 130l, 66cm wide, 275cm long Bic Freeride.

What I want now is a more efficient board with better upwind, which planes earlier and has more topspeed, not a very tall order given the board I'm changing from.

The main sail for the board would be my 7.2m, with a 6.0m if the wind really picks up to atleast a solid bft5. I'm thinking either iSonic 111 or 101. The 111 is wider than my current board and should therefore plane earlier and have more upwind ability, but maybe 7.2m is a bit small for this board....

If the 101 can plane atleast as early as my current board then that would be the board of choice. I currently own a Futura 93l, however I cant bring that to france with me every summer. I would rather get an iSonic over a Futura as upwind is crucial in the occasional offshore wind.

I'm gonna try to buy a 2010 board discounted next summer. Any input on which board would be better would be appreciated.

15th August 2010, 10:11 AM
Hi Agrelon,

I am 70-72Kg and I have a Isonic 111 that I use with 6.6-7.3-8.0. The board is exceptionally stable and controllable (it is almost boring, before you realize how fast you are going) but it does get to be a bit of an handful in 6.6 overpowered conditions. It is mostly a matter of skill, of course, but it is a big board and a smaller slalom is simply more fun in those conditions.

The Is-101 seems to be a much more sensible choice at your weight and for the sail sizes you are thinking to use with the board.

Somebody else should comment about how much low end you will loose with a Is-101 in respect to the Is-111, probably not much since sail size is really the most important factor. However, I suspect that, unless you rig big, both Is-101 and 111 will loose low end in respect to the Bic Freeride:130L x 275 x 66 is difficult to beat!!

15th August 2010, 01:47 PM
at your weight and sailsizes, pick the 101. I weigh about 95 kgs and use the 101 from a solid 4 with 7.8 up to a 6 bft with a 6.2 but about 7.0 is the sweetspot for the 101.
I think the 111 would be a bit too big for you, especially with the 6.0

Perhaps you should even consider the 94...

15th August 2010, 09:01 PM
Yes, I agree with Kvda. I'm 80 kg and have the 101 and use it with 6.0 & 7.6 race sails, but you are much lighter so the 94 may be a better choice. In any case you will find the 111 to be too big for you.


16th August 2010, 09:29 PM

I also think the 101 is better suited for your size, but while an isonic will likely go upwind a bit better than the Futura, I doubt you will find much difference. I have the iS 111 and a similar size bump and jump HiFly Move 105. I can motor upwind just as easily on the HiFly as the isonic. If you have enough wind to be fully powered, almost any small board will do well upwind if you know how to "ride the fin" by railing up the windward rail and using only the back 1/3 of the board and fin to point upwind.

Also, a 7.2 is not too small for the iS 111. Something around 7.5 is perfect, but I use my 6.6 quite often until it begins to get pretty bumpy and rough around 18-22 knots. I use my 6.6 in 15 - 22 knots and my 7.6 in 12-18 knots. I weigh 77 kg. We have highly variable winds where I sail.

17th August 2010, 12:28 AM
Thanks for all the answers.

I read in the french forum that my Futura 93l should work well with a 7.0m. As mentioned, sail size/power is the crucial factor in early planing so I really want to try my 7.2m on my 93l. Maybe I can get almost as much low end as with my Bic, considering I have a same size but more efficient fin (36cm C3 Venom as oppose to a Bic Freeride 36cm) and a lighter board (6.5kg instead of 9.0kg).

I'll try to give this setup a go first and see how it works out.

17th August 2010, 02:57 AM
I’d be very interested to see if that 7.2 works at your weight. When you need a 7.2 I would need at least 7.6 to get going, more likely and 8.0. I have the 93 liter Futura and do not think it would work very well with my 7.6 much less an 8.0. I think the guys that use a 7.2 on the Futura are much bigger than you.