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huub waves waves waves
22nd August 2010, 03:50 PM
Dear team,
Some time ago I asked for information about the planig abilities of the Severne S1 and Blade (see below).
For Severne does not have a Forum, I asked it on this Forum because there is some writing about Severne here.
Unfortunately I didn't receive any response. Does anyone of you have a suggestion for me where or by who I can ask my question?
Many thanks for your reply in advance,
I want to buy a new wave sail for the days with little wind and mostly on-shore Euro-waves conditions.
It will be my biggest sail because I want it to get me going in the lightest wind as reasonably possible. My weight 82kg.
My question is: what sail is best for early planing and still have a little fun in waves? The Severn Blade 5.7m or the S1 5.9? I wonder because the Blade is a bit smaller, but the S1 is not known as a low-wind sail.