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25th August 2010, 05:24 AM
Ive only begun to practise lee-side sailing (sailing back winded for those who do not know) in light to moderate wind. I understand that this is an important skill before getting into a lot of free-style - lee-side escape etc.

I am wondering if ya'll can talk about how lee-side sailing leads into various freestyle tricks and which ones.

Also, I am having problems with the proper stance - I am not sure what my body should look like or where to put my wieght.


25th August 2010, 10:09 AM
Hi Windshark,
I'm not much of a free style sailor, so I'm going to try to get Taty Franz or one of the top Starboard
Freestyle sailors to answer your question.
I'll keep checking back here and if they don't chime in, I'll do my best to provide you with an answer.
Might be better to ask this question on the "Ask the Team" forum.

25th August 2010, 02:47 PM
Ok Roger Thanks!

I will check back later as well.


30th August 2010, 07:15 PM
Hi Windshark,
Can you be more specific as to what exactly you wish to know/understand?
Taty Franz has responded to me that he does not understand the question and I'm not sure
I know what you are asking either.
1/ Do you want to know what freestyle moves end with you sailing "back-winded" ( I will take a quess that you mean sailing clew first out of a move or transition), or do you want to know what moves begin/end with you pushing on the sail to keep the board moving. You would of course be on the down wind side of the rig.
2/ Do you want to know what free style moves begin or end with you sailing clew first.
3/ Are you thinking about moves where you end up on the downwind side of the rig, perhaps facing down wind with the rig behind your back?
Please be very specific so Taty and I can answer your question.

31st August 2010, 12:51 AM
Once you're on the leeside, either by the beginning of a helicopter tack or by doing a Leeside escape, you can do a helicopter tack or a leeside jibe.
here are instructions from Petra Kanz and Andy Brandt for first basic Back wind move the helicopter tack:
1. Head up into the wind, keep hands on boom, weight on the back foot. Oversheet
2. At 12:00 Swing front foot around to front of mast (No weight)
3. At 1:30 Move the sail forward with straight front arm, "head up, Hips in" Board will keep heading off and back wind. As board heads off start putting weight on front foot. Keep Clew open by lifting.
4. When weight is equal on the balls of both feet(hip width apart, heels on centerline), swing sail back, keep thumbs up, hands close, palms open, use indepenpent arms to box sail, don't stall, keep front arm straight,elbow up.Use aft hip to to drive sail upwind if overpowered. Bear board off to 3 or 9 position. </
5. To start move back foot forward to mast foot. guide Sail forward & windward to go off wind, maintain angle in plane of wind not board . Center of pressure should be in front of you. Keep clear of Raging Bull THEN
6. Let go with front hand Reach backand grab boom with back hand, step front foot back(not too far, don't move old back foot), Arch back Nuff said attitude. HEAD UP and KEEP LOOKING FORWARD AND TO WINDWARD. Sail will swing into clew first position.
7. Level boom, flip and Smile.
8, NB this is one handed move use 1 hand to control sail on lee hand , one hand to reach back.

Escape to leeside. Curl toe around mast, Front hand on mast, lead with hip, reach around to grab boom, heel lead with feet to perform tack chi. Look where you are going. Roll sail forward.If sail stalls lift clew. Leeside stages: stall>power>luff.