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10th September 2010, 05:44 AM
I have purchased this board mid summer, have been taking it out regularly and will continue as long as the weather cooperates. Although I am new to the sport, I have noticed one characteristic of this board that troubles me somewhat which is that the bow tends to dip into the water very easily which when it gets choppy becomes a big problem. Can we say "Windsurfing Submarine"? Part of the problem must be my weight 270lb however my instructor who is a lot lighter noticed it as well. I am still using a relatively small sail (as I was told) 5m2 Gaastra Pilot and I am wondering if moving to a bigger sail eg. 7 or 7.5m would make this problem lesser or worse? What else, should I consider? I try to stay as far back as I can but moving forward to tack is a problem.

When I researched the changes in Rio and Start line 2006-Present, I noticed that 2007 Rio L has an interesting place in the line up. In 2007 Rio L and Start have almost identical shape and the very next year Rio line becomes more slender while Start stays wide although narrower than 100cm. Am I correct in assuming that my 2007 Rio L is essentially a 2007 Start with a different look? Is the change that took place after 2007 a result of the board's tendency that I have been experiencing? Has any other owners of this board complained about it?

I am somewhat disappointed although I like all other aspects of your boards and I am already thinking of upgrading. What would be a next logical step for me should I want to start the next season with a board that suits me better. I am thinking of 2009 Rio M and a larger rig (7m2) and keeping the old rig for heavier winds. I am hoping that a slightly narrower board will help me deal with chop better. Am I correct?

Sorry for all these questions but I want to learn and grow as a windsurfer and I know that real experts are reading this. I really appreciate your help

10th September 2010, 06:42 AM
Hi jpon2,
First, no, the 2008 Rio was a whole new shape and the decision was not based on any issues with the 2007 Rio (Start Hull & shape with different graphics).
The new shape was to add some "glide" to the Rio S'M/L. The designers did this very effectively.
You might like the new longer narrower Rio L (at your weight) alot better, but do not make the upgrade based on the fact that you cannot tack your Start type 2007 Rio L.
Tacking is not something you are going to want to do very much longer. Soon you will be planing and jibing.
First you need a much bigger sail.
What wind speeds are you sailing in. A 5.0 is is a tiny "trainer sail" for a fellow your size in anything less that 20+ knots of wind.
You could easily use an 8.5 m2 in under 15 knots if you are using a harness.
The larger sail will help alot with sinking the nose.
Where do you run your mast foot..... put it all the way at the back of the slot.
Are you using the Rio L centerboard/daggerboard much?
Id not using the CB/DB then you are not longer "rig steering" and can d most of your turns as
flare jibes rather than tacks.
With the much larger rig, you will be planing and soon learn to "carve" at least part way around your
Also, if you change your tacking "technique" so that you never go forward of the mast foot (step over the leaned back mast rather than stepping forward and around the mast. Also, once you rake the rig all the way back going into a tack, you need to sheet the sail in to drive the board up into your tack, but do not bring the mast back up (like you do when you mover forward to go around the mast foot).
Bringing the mast back up during a tack just stops all the turning motion (along with your forward motion).
So, simply "step over" the leaned back mast BEHIND the mast foot in the area where your 2007 Rio has the most volume and stability.
Step your front foot over the leaned back mast until your are facing the rar of the board, then pivot and bring your new front foot over the leaned back mast.
Sweep the rig out to perpendicular to the board centerline and you will have completed a "fast tack" and be ready to sail off on the new tack, never having sunk the nose of your board.
Hope this helps,

10th September 2010, 10:05 PM
Great advice!!! Thanks a million.

10th September 2010, 10:41 PM
you should get a big sail as roger said and just stay towards the back whilst sailing. with that weight and size sail, i don't see you planing yet so just keep your weight towards the back at most times and the chop shouldn't affect you that much...

10th September 2010, 11:55 PM
Do you think that 5m2 would eventually be right for my 16 year old who weights 130lb?

11th September 2010, 02:54 AM
If your son's 16 he should already be using a fiver. i'm not sure how experienced he is but i don't think the wind would be that big for him 2 be using smaller ones. i'm 14 and I use a five sq m (52 kilos, about 110lbs). unless he's a beginner, let him try it and let him decide. if he is a beginner or doesn't windsurf, yeah, he can use it when he's learning if there isnt a lot of wind or later on when there's a lot of wind as well....