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22nd September 2010, 03:44 PM
Goodmorning to everyone,

I am a 45 years old windsurfer going to enter in the formula world, and I would need an expert advise.
Presently I am 180 and 93 kg, good level, my bigger board is a 132l slalom with 9.2 sail race.
I found two interesting possibilities as used board for formula, I need to choose one of them:
A - Starboard 159, not very good status, medium price (300)
B - Starboard 162, much better status, very good price (500)
The choice should be easy, but I heard the 162 boards perform very well only with very expensive fins. I would use a hand made carbon fin (or alternatively standard Drake), and
I don't make races, I just want to exit with lighter winds.
Which board would you advise in my case,and why?
Thanks in advance for any advise.:):):)

22nd September 2010, 05:45 PM
Hi Tokui,

In your case I will choose the 162 and the production fin deliver with it will enough to enjoy your light winds days. The comment your hear about fins is for racing at World Championship level.

The 162 will perform better in lighter winds and more stable, for crusing it will be perfect. The 159 is more narrow in the tail who will give your more performances in the reach but that all.

All the best