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4th October 2010, 12:22 AM
Hi all

I currently riding a Evo 74. This board works great for me at 155 pounds for a 5.3 and down. I love the way the Evo works on a wave, but I am looking for a board that would work well with a 5.8 M. The board needs to be efficient not only for light air but also for the current encounter in my area. I live in Florida and sail a multitude of conditions. Lots of small to medium size wave, and side on conditions. Thinking of getting a bigger Evo but unsure if it would be efficient enough


4th October 2010, 04:14 AM
The new EVO IQs are significanlty more effeicient, with faster rockers and generally an easier planing feel. Even the 76 is easily "one class bigger" than your old 74, and then you have the 81 and 86 if you want even bigger. A great option now is that you can use them with single fins for better blasting qualities and then change to a twin fin config if you want a looser board. With a single fins, I'd say that are not really as loose as your EVO 74 (but instead faster) but in twin fin mode they are looser than your 74, even if you go up a bit in size. SO with a bit of fin fidddling, I think you can really find something good in teh EVO IQ range.

Then there is always the Quad IQ which are also very nice, but maybe not as "quick and effective" as an EVO IQ in single fin mode.