View Full Version : Clean fight?

4th October 2010, 01:23 AM
So final race of the PWA season leaved Finian with a bitter taste I guess? He leads the final when Cyril rounds last at the first mark and can`t pump to get planing? Yeah sure how eager was he to get planing in that position? The race gets called of and restarted. Then Cyril and Finian crashes and Cyril gets away first....Cyril ends up nr 3 this season and Finian 4th.. doesn´t sound like fair play from the frenchman to me.

Deja Vu
4th October 2010, 07:57 PM
The "best" deal with it and move on. "Fair" really isn't part of the equation. This sort of thing happens at various times to just about all professionals - they put it down to bad luck! You've heard the expression, "you make your own luck". Well, Finian will just have to make his own luck like AA and BD seem to do. You learn from it, deal with it and start preparing for the next event and a little revenge.