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20th October 2010, 06:20 PM
Hi guys ,

anyone out have some experience with the futura 141l 2010 who is in the 100kg weight range, im quite tall 6ft5 and athletic build, beginner, ive been recommended this board with a severne ncx 6.5m sail. What do you reckon? what sort of wind range can i use this board in and which sort of sails to use?


20th October 2010, 11:06 PM
I guess it would depend on what you consider your level to be, beginner is pretty vague (I'm a beginner compared to say antoine albeau...;) ).

If you could specify your level more clearly it would make it easier for the team and other windsurfers to advise you.


21st October 2010, 03:56 AM

My weight: 100kg
Boards that ive been riding: High Fly magnum 185l, High Fly Mambo 175l and High Fly matrix 149l, (the matrix felt a little wobly, but i managed, again crap wind and short rides)
Sails: High Fly free cams 4.7, 5.5 / then other sails with cams 6, 7m

Strongest wind ive been in 18 - 23knts (185l + 7m) - getting good planing feeling, kinda made me wanna go hhheeehaaa, you know feeling that im cruising)

I primarily have been riding on a lake next to ocean, my ride are quite short, so i havent had the time to learn foot straps or harness, i do have a feel for it and think i´ll be quite capable.

The lighter boards such as the 149l, ive tried but there wasnt enough wind and i felt that it was sinking with. Also the 7m sail is well to be honest to quite ancient but not modern tech either, so its quite heavy, but i manage. So for me at the moment its quite a thing of getting the correct equipment to progress with and start going for long rides in cosistent wind! Fortunately for me i stay close to Windsurfpoint, Lagos/Portugal also Martinhal/Sagres....so there quite ok spots here.

When i saw the Starboard 141l 2010, just by looking at it, it looked quite stable, felt very light and is 141l, the first thing that went into my mind was the sinking experience i had with the high fly, i know that in the right wind conditions and right sail, ill be able to master this beauty! I just wanted to hear some experienced guys giving some tips on which kits to use and where to go from here. Should i really be going to something with more volume, or just go for the Futura 141l ,right size sails and then just go when there´s good wind!
i mean will i just sink in lets say 10 - 12 knt winds....
I have decided to go back to the windsurfpoint centre and first hire the kit for a few hours to test and see, prob makes more sense anyway!!!

Nevertheless i would appreciate some technical info, especially from guys my weight (athletic, tall , 100kg) to see what kind of ride you have, sails and what sort of winds you like to use you different kit in.

Cheers guys!!!!

21st October 2010, 06:36 AM

i am also a heavyweight just under 100 kilos now and about 6'1"
on lakes i still use my original longboard - in order to be able to go upwind and get back home - i adapted the base to be able to handle my 8.5

when i started shortboarding, there were no local starboard reps. i ended up with a 160 liter board and my old sails for one year. the next year i purchased a new 8.5. i use this sail in 20-40 kph or about 10 to 20+ knots. i purchased an older 7.0 that fits on the same mast and use it in 30-50 kph winds or about 15 to 25 + knots. if it gets really hairy i try to use a really old 6-oh, but in those 30 knot winds anything will fly and the board is really NOT suited for that. I knew that i wanted to windsurf in any winds - so, i actually purchased a used 10-oh race sail that i plane with in 10 to 15 knots. obviously this quiver was built over the last 3 to 4 years.

my favourite sail is the 8.5 - probably cuz it is no cam , light and corresponds well to both my weight and winds in the area.

i started looking at 120 to 130 liter boards to use in bigger winds, but that is after the 3 to 4 years on the 160. i was able to get in the harness when i started and already knew how to plane. i still do not go in the footstraps, but manage to get quite fast just the same. i push against the side of the board - have some kind of phobia about getting stuck in the straps.

in summary , the 140+ should NOT sink, to start bigger was better for me in my conditions.

just trying to give you my perspective, but my heavyweight buddy felt he should have started with a 140+ board

plenty of perspectives and trying if you can is the BEST

lotsa luck!!

21st October 2010, 11:45 AM
Being of the same weight myself, I would say:
The 141 is definitively too small for you as you don't yet master straps and harness. It wuold be very tippy even to uphaul for you, and quite a stressful experience.

For a 75 kg beginner in your position I would recommend a 130 liter board, i.e. with some 55 liter of plus volume. And I think the same is appropriate for you. You need to learn on a board with some 155 liter of volume, get lots of time on water, learn harness first and then footstraps. Preferably also to waterstart. After that I think the F141 could be a good next board for sails between 7 and 9 m2.

25th October 2010, 01:16 AM
Hi Guys, thanx for your replies! What do you guys think then, ive been looking at either the Futura 155 or the Carve 151 or 171. Im thingking more the carve 171 for me as im a beginner, + i weigh 100kg´s , i think the 171 would be a good board. Would it still be a good board to jybe with , get some speed, footstraps and harness or should i rather go for the Futura 155 or rather the Carve 151. Is the car just as stable as the futura, when i look at board specs they kinda almost the same width....which do u think is the best choice for me. Carve looks beautiful though!!! I think the 171 will be a good stable board, as i am quite ok on a 185 already! maybe the 155/151/141 is too less boyant for me and my weigh now!?

25th October 2010, 02:07 AM
you had said you had a severne 6.5 sail
the 171 has a recommended sail range of 7.0 to 10.0 with large fins ie lite wind or race
the 6.5 for your weight is actually small
(check james douglass' sail calculator for general size ideas)

ALL depends on skills and location

did you ever rent that 141 like you said ?
the more you try the better idea you will have

my guess - short board for heavyweights in good winds around 150+
as i said the more unstable winds like on a lake still favour my longboard
tried my short board with a large sail on a smaller river and next time it will be longboard
on the big river still love my 8.5 and 160 liter in 20 to 40 km winds :-)

what you can do on ANY board is practice the harness first AND then go for the shortboards - hope other SB experts chime in here

lotsa luck

25th October 2010, 07:27 AM
Hi fran

At your level and weight I would reccomend a Carve 151.

You can use sail sizes 6.5, 7.5 & 9m.

This will give you a wind range of 10/12-25knots approx. Down the track as you improve you could add a Carve 121, which will be a great combo with your 6.5 and have a nice crossover with your 7.5/151/121.

There are also lots of footstrap options to help your progression and cover flat water to open ocean sailing.