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28th October 2010, 06:31 AM

happy to say we were able to go out today in 20 degree Celcius weather
this means NO gloves, beautiful sun, relax, etc
wind was a bit lite, but we had to enjoy :-)
ie it's NOT all about planing

HOWEVER: there was a lighter fellow on an iSonic 133 with am 8.5 while i had my AHD 160 also with an 8.5. Through pumping he managed to get on a plane quicker. He explained the technique a little - is there some dialogue or instruction on best pumping practices ? {no rude answers pleeze}

also today was the first time i hit a BIG patch of weeds and stalled - even with my big weedfin. If one is going fast enuff, does the weedfin manage to "cut" through thick weed patches ? or is it simply a case of AVOID ??

thx for listening

28th October 2010, 06:40 AM
Hi Joe,
Pumping is a skill that varies with the board and size of the sail.
There are the huge "put everything you've got into it, qand pump the fin/bounce the board at the same time pumps. You can do a few of these normally < 5 before you use up all your energy.
Then there are smaller flutter pumps that can be used when there is a little more wind, but not enough to get going just by standing there and holding the sail.
Pumping is about both technique and timing/rhythm.
As far as your weed fin, yes there are "clumpy" weeds that no weed fin can cut through or shed once they are on the fin.
So if you see a big clump of weeds, it would be good to avoid running your weed fin through the thickest part of the clump (actually go around if you can).
What weed fin do you have?
Some weed fins are better at shedding and slicing through weed clumps than others.
The best weed fins normally don't have the performance (upwind angle and speed) that you get with
a slightly (5 deg.) more vertical weed fin.
Hope this helps,

28th October 2010, 11:55 AM
This article might help you: http://www.guycribb.com/userfiles/documents/EarlyPlaning.pdf . Check out the rest of the magazine articles at http://www.guycribb.com/windsurfing_technique_holiday_DVD_0076v01.htm as well. There is a lot to work on, for each of us :-)

29th October 2010, 03:49 AM
I pump loads when on weeds !!!