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9th November 2010, 07:16 PM
Check out the movie Q's Quest at Naishsails.com. Video by Robby Seeger
Jace Panebianco has a video of it sailing with 3 passengers, then each hull is quickly clipped free and one he and his wife tandem sail away while the other is SUP'd by Jaques and Butchie. Pretty cool, as is the Serenity cat. A film worth watching though, I think similar craft have been crafted by others as well, for fun and to share, free as alway$.

Del Carpenter
12th November 2010, 05:54 AM
Unregistered's description of the The "Q's Quest" video details is way off the mark, but thank you for a start in pointing us to them. YouTube has two "Q's Quest" videos by JacquesMaui showing a catamaran windsurfer.
Q's Quest Part One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4n-OteHRHK0&feature=fvw
Q'sQuest Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR_xu6cPgzY&feature=related

13th November 2010, 01:49 AM
Hi Del, unregistered here, just wondering what you mean by my comments being way off the mark. Not looking to argue , just curious as I was at the beach and saw it all happen. It's not meant to disparage SB or any anyone in anyway. It was simply a case of friends helping friends, lots of tears on the beach when Qball was pushed down the sand and into the water for the first time. Jace would certainly attest to that and everything else I previously posted. I'm not a forum type of guy, but this cat handles double overhead surf, planes with several passengers and disassembles and transforms as described. After one prototype.
Volunteer labor and cash , simply thought it was worth pointing out. Q isn't in the best of health and it's hard on his body on a good day. Probably not likely he'll get out again, but let's hope he does. If I'm off the mark, be specific.

13th November 2010, 02:06 AM
Hi Del, unregistered here again, I believe my first post might need some clarification.
Q's Quest was filmed and produced by Robby Seeger.
Jace is himself a superb film maker, his aforementioned video footage is not part of Q's Quest. Just fun footage from Kanaha on a fun day. I believe he also has some additional footage in his Windsurf movie ( my favorite by a mile) of him piloting Darren. It's a heavy responsibility, not to be taken lightly. Only a few guys had the sack for it.
Sean Ordonez, Scott Trudon, Jace, Jacques of course and some other nutball were about the only ones.
All the best....

Del Carpenter
13th November 2010, 02:55 AM
Unregistered, I must apologize. When I read your first post I thought it was all about just one video and I thought you were saying Jace Panebianco was in that one video named Q's Quest. Then I was unable to access videos on the Naish website which led to to search YouTube where I found the Seeger set of Q's Quest videos (sent in by "JacquesMaui") but nothing with Jace Panebianco.

How do we get to see the video Jace Panebianco did which he is in? Can you post a URL for that one?

I think the "Q's Quest" videos by Seeger furnish a great illustration of how a craft like the Serenity catamaran could open up a windsurfing experience for more people.

13th November 2010, 06:28 AM
Hi Del, after rereading your first response I realized I wasn't very clear about Jace's footage. Although amongst all the various bits and longer segments of video ( about two hours worth) collected from Robby Seeger and others, I don't know of any by Jace that anyone besides Jace has. I just remember that after taking Q out, we flashed on the idea of clipping a couple sails on one of the hulls. maybe it was even Jaces idea to try it, don't recall. Mast tracks and unis were used to connect everything, as well as large battens to allow just a bit of roll in the hulls , but not too much.
I saw Jace videotaping at the time and handing his camera to someone else when he sailed. I suspect he's got it somewhere but I don't know of it ever being posted.
I couldn't agree with you more about the Serenity and the philosophy behind it. Sometimes we'd take Q way the heck offshore, drop the sail and just drift along. The Serenity is goig to get people who watch windsurfing and perhaps aren't quite able to give it a go a chance to be a part of it. SB has gone along ways towards making Windsurfing fun and accessible again. Hopefully Jace will spot this and can share any cool footage he has.
All the best