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13th November 2010, 07:55 AM
Sorry to do this, but this message is the same as the one below entitled "Jack." I thought the web site was asking for my name, not the subject matter.

I would like some advice on which large board to purchase: a Carve 171, a Carve 151, or a Futura 141. I have only one goal in purchasing a large board, and that is to plane early in light winds with an 8.5 meter sail. I am not concerned about jibing or tricks with a board that bigómy interest is in planing and blasting back and forth, and that is all.

My largest board right now is a 120 liter with 250 cm length and 68 cm width. I use it with fins from 44 cm to 33 cm. The sails I use the 120 with range from 5.5 to 8.5. But with an 8.5, the 120 doesnít plane quite as early as I would like when the wind is light 8.5. In fully powered 8.5 wind it does great.

I also have an 85 liter board for really windy days and sails of 4.8 and 4.2.

I donít want a larger sail than 8.5. I had a 10.0 and prior to that a 9.5. I used them with a 2002 Starboard formula board which I have sold. The 10.0 and 9.5 did not work well where I live. The wind can change from 15 mph to 40 mph too quickly where I sail and I would get down-in-the-water overpowered on the huge sails about 5 or 6 times each summer. That was no fun at all and also dangerous. With the 8.5 I get overpowered once in a while but can usually make it back to my launch site.

My sailing is on flat water, usually lakes or a sound.

I weigh 160 pounds (73 kilograms) and am 5 feet nine inches (172 cm) tall. I am a fairly competent but not great sailor. I am comfortable in the straps, can plane through some but not all jibes, can water start with ease, and can reach reasonably good speeds (30+ mph/50 kph). When I say I am comfortable in the straps, I mean I have no problem when they are in the middle positionónot out on the rail and not in the most inboard position. I have trouble with straps that are way out on the rail because I have HUGE feet.

About 40% of my sailing is done on an 8.5. Most days I am very happy with the 8.5 and 120 combination, but some days I am not planing as early as I would like, and thus I want a bigger board.

The Carve 171 is 271 cm by 86 cm and has 171 liters of volume; it is rated from 7.0 to 10.0 sails. The Carve 151, the second largest Carve, is 254 cm long and 80 cm wide with 151 liters; it is rated for sails from 6.5 to 10. The Futura 141 (the largest Futura) is 246 cm by 81 and has 141 liters; it is rated for sails from 6.5 to 10.0. I donít care about the smaller sail sizesóremember, I have a 120 that works great with sails from 5.5 to 7.5 and fairly well with an 8.5, so all I want from a big board is early planing with an 8.5.

Whichever board I get, it will have the wood construction.

So my questions are:

Which of those three boards would best suit my needs? I know that usually a bigger board/wider board will plane earlier, and that makes me think the Carve 171 is best. But I also know that rocker line, rails, bottom shape, etc., play a role in early planing, and so maybe one of the other boards would plane earlier. Is the 171 going to plane earliest with an 8.5 since it is biggest? Or does it have a rocker line and rail shape more for beginners (and thus not the best for early planing)?

Thanks in advance.

13th November 2010, 08:28 AM
Hi Jack

At your weight the Carve 151 will be enough. What kind of 8.5 you have. In case is a minimum 3 cams sails you might think about the Futura 141.
The easiest one will be the Carve particularly to improve your jibes. Wood Technologies will be the best option to plane as early as possible

Hope this help

All the best