View Full Version : iSonic 105 - what a great board!

16th January 2007, 08:56 PM
Each time I sail my iSonic 105, I find I like it more and more.

This might seem strange, but I took my 1-year-old iSonic 105 out for the first time with a 6.6 (and stock 34cm fin). I've used it with my 4.8, 5.6, 6.0 and an 8.0, but never my 6.6. I think this might be a sweet spot for me on this board. The winds were light for a 6.6, but I still seemed to plane as early as (heavier) people using 140-150L boards and ~8m2 sails. One guy had a 9.5m2 rigged! My usual sailing buddy who I gauge my speed against is usually a little faster than me. This time, he was a little slower. No matter what he did, I was faster. Usually he uses 1m2 larger sails than me. This time, the gap was even bigger than that, but still I was able to gain on him. He commented afterwards that my iS105 was coasting through lulls better than his 150L board.

I'm also in love with winter sailing (when the temperatures are warm enough). It was warm enough the other day that I didn't need a drysuit or steamer. I wore a 3/2 wetsuit and booties. The best part though was the simple fact that there were no boats making waves. We had very little fetch, so the lake was smoother than I've ever seen it. When the winds filled in to power the 6.6 up completely, the iS105 started to float. I've had fun on this board before, but never this much fun.

For winter days like the above, I kept an old 120L 73cm wide AHD. It is super stable and great to use if you want to stay dry. In 2 hours of sailing on the iS105 (doing duck jibes, etc.), I only fell in once (couldn't unhook when the wind shifted). So, now I'm thinking I'll get rid of that old board. I can easily go from my iS105 to my F-Type 148 in any season.