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  1. Roger
    12th March 2010 10:39 AM
    Hi David,
    Not sure if I replied to you on this or not. It just kinda "popped up" in my mail tonite.
    To answer your questions:
    Sorry to hear you are not able to get "fresh" Permatex thread reapir kits.
    The Permatex I have used does set up hard. I have no way to test the cured Permatex
    in the holes in the board, but the Permatex on the mixing surface gets quite hard, but I'm not usre if it's "rock hard".
    I would not worry about the uncured Permatex in the holes.
    When you get a fresh batch, the curing agent in the fresh kit should harden and uncured
    epoxy down in the holes.
    If you want to clean out the holes, just screw an old footstrap screw down into the hole.
    Wrap a piece of paper towel around the screw. That should clean it out pretty well.
    Use of an oversize screw could work, but where will you get an oversize screw with the
    correct "PT" thread geometry?
    Hope this helps,
  2. DavidM
    3rd February 2010 11:51 AM
    I stripped footstrap hole in new 2008 futura.(Yes, I used tiki tool by hand, tried to line up the screw properly,but didn't use soap:-(. Anyway, I have tried two diff. batches of permatex thrd repair. I called permatex, and found 1st batch had sat too long on the shelf based on the batch# so returned it for 2nd batch. 2nd batch turns out to be over 2 years as well, mfg'd in 2007.
    Both didn't harden so would not hold. I did try a 2 part epoxy, it did go off, but would not hold much torque.
    I will get a 3rd batch of permatex, hope newer! My questions so I can tell it is working are:
    1. Does the prematex cure rock hard? both in the hole and on the mixing paper? (the last 2 batches did not ever harden either in the hole or on the paper I mixed it on.)
    2. I have to clean the epoxy out of the hole so the hole may get a bit oversized. Will the permatex work if the hole is a bit oversized, or should I just go with a larger dia. screw &forget about the permatex?
    Regards, Dave

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