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20th June 2007 07:00 PM
RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

I was just out in 25 knots of wind and peaking gusts at 30 in a 5.8 and my go 139 in knee high chop and I was fine. The Go 139 is a fast board. I wish thy would make one with inboard and outboard settings for the footstraps. Only complaint.

But the Go is a fast board with the right technique and sail size. I found the sweetspot for it to be a 6.6-7.6 sail. It might take some getting used to for balance at first, but 80 cm is pretty wide and it has pretty full rails for stability. Hell, I tried my friends 105 L hypersonic and could uphaul, waterstart and go fast too.

Id say go with the Go. for learning, its just that bit toughter than the carve, allowing for more spectacular wipe outs when you find your nose diving into some chop at 35 km/h
20th June 2007 04:23 PM
RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

I doubt a C144 are comfortable in 20-30 knots of winds? Must be a very flat water spot with smaller sail than the board is made for. The same goes for GO 170. I haven't tried the C144, but I belive the biggest difference between those boards, are that C144 will handle chops better, and thus a bit more wind and rough conditions. I do not belive in buying a board that last for more than "3-4 months" when one are new into windsurfing. I suggest going for a solid board that makes learning everything easy as possible, then buy another smaller board that lasts for years. C144 are also more fragile and prone to catapults if I am right.

The GO 170 and a 220 litre board are quite different.
20th June 2007 03:34 PM
RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

as soon as you got the basics (which seams to me like you already have) you could/should go for the C144. Its a great board, some people consider it a trick to fall off of it. Its great to make progress, forgiving and versatile. Works from 9-10 kts with a 9.0 and still works in 20-30kts with smaller sails (depends a bit on the conditions, flat or troubled water)
20th June 2007 02:33 PM
RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

hi, don't ge me wrong, i surf a Go139 myself and i love it. But the proposed boards are 144 or 170 in content. Considering aegeanskipper weighs 85 K, i think, as he wants a board to last longer than just beyond getting better at windsurfing, i suppose it would be more interesting to buy a board with a smaller content like the 144, he can properly stand on it and he can pull more rigs on it for a longer perios. I mean, in Attika, i know that the winds are relatively low winds, but never so low that one needs a 10 m² rig. Even where i surf, with low winds i can't carry a rig over 9 m² on my Go139. However, with high winds i can rig my go with a 5.5 without too many problems except in it's handeling then, but once i can rig 5.5 i switch to a 113 l board.
Personally i try to make publicity for the Go boards with lower content (139-129), but for the boards with a higher content, i think it's more interesting to be looking at carve boards, hybrids or just at rentals because you get bored of them quite rapidly. I mean, my dad owns a 220 l board, andv it's a good learners board and it planes rapidly, but in higher winds, i'm setting one foot on that board because it just flies out of controle without even having even enough speeds to keep up with others if i put on a simular rig. I mean, when i rigged a 5.5, my dad rigged a 6.2, superoverpowered he was, and he barely caught up with me.
The go boards are great boards, i can't possibly dissagree, but i don't think the purchase of Go boards with higer content is all that interesting compared to e.g the Carves. If you'd have suggested a Go 139 i'd have forced you to buy it though .

anyway, hope it helps
20th June 2007 12:09 PM
RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

I ‘m sailing in Corinthian gulf or Loutsa Bay – Attika . I agree with you my friend about Go boards, they are great but the concept is not to change a board after 3-4 months. That’s why I’m trying to find out the best combination for me ….. So what’s yours testimony I would like to hear it ….

20th June 2007 05:31 AM
RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

I think you guys are totally underestimating the Go boards. No way are they beginner. My experience says they have more range, not less, than the carve.

At a weight of 85 kg's, with some lessons under your belt, the Go155 or 170 would be great boards, depending pn prevailing wind conditions and proposed sail size.
19th June 2007 11:43 PM
RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

i sail my Go139 up to 5 bft, i weigh 90 Kilo and i can stand perfectly on it. I love that board nad it's got early planning, with my weight and a 7.6 i can gt into a plane in a light 4 bft. As the C144 and Go139 have comparable content i don't think it will be any different. Also, as you said, the range of the C144 is more interesting and because of it's width vs its length it will give you earlier plannning then the Go170.
Also you can sail it longer than the Go cuz it will give you more controle in the tacks and in jibes as it's a freeride board which has to act quickly, whereas i find the Go tends to hesitate in the jibes because of it's width.
Where in greece do u live, maybe that can help us help u choose?

19th June 2007 08:57 PM
RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

Well… . yesterday I tried to sail with an f2 144 lt in light winds 2-3bf, and although I could sail normally, I had a tiny problem in tacks . Further more the board was sunk that’s why I mention before about 170 lt board. On the other hand Carve have wider range field then the Go. Here in Greece there are many places to sail but in most of the cases the wind force is not over 3-5 bf so its difficult to sail with a small boat in those conditions aren’t you agree? In my territory the weather is variable from 0bf it can change rapidly in 7 or even 8bf .. But the question is if I can sail in light air conditions (3bf) with the carve 144 or I need a bigger board? Sorry if im getting tiresome but the cost is big and the equipment is a vital part of windsurf..
19th June 2007 07:58 PM
RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

I do not have any experiene with C144 as a beginner board, just the GO170. I weight about the same.

I just want to add that I think you will process faster with the GO 170 than the C144. When you want more fun later(hard wind sailing), you can go straight down to 100 litre boards. The C144 is too big for hard wind sailing, but I agree it have a bigger area of use, than the GO170. The downside is that it takes some longer time to learn stuff on the C144 from what I have seen.

If you live in a area with much winds and very choppy sea, the C144 would perhaps be a better choice for beginners.

Sorry if I am confusing anyone here, but just a different perspective.
19th June 2007 07:25 PM
RE: Which board should i choose carve 144 vs go 170

Hi, seeing as we almost weigh the same i think i can give you some propper advice on beginner boards. Personally the GO170 doesnt seem like a good idea qs it probably is your intention to progress and the Go 170 is a real learners board. The C144 is a good solution for your weight but u could also look at the Go139 if you dont immediatly want to go for outboard footstrap settings but you do want to go fast in light weather. Theres also the Go 150 if i recall but i suppose youve preselected the C144 and Go170 for a reasonm so my suggestion is you go for the C144 as it is a board which will give you more fun as you evolve.

hope this helps
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