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29th July 2007 10:50 PM
RE: Tuttle fin in Deep Tuttle box

Hi Romas,
Perhaps your std. Tuttle fin root didn't fit the fin box really well. If the fin root did not make full contact on the front and rear tapers and fit very snug on the sides (and it sounds like this was your situation as the fin was going too deeply into the fin box so you could never really tighten the screws up correctly to the point that the fin was "wedged tightly" between the front and rear tapers at the correct height).
Anyway, not to worry......!
A good repair shop can fix your existing fin box fairly easily.
A demo customer ran the 75 cm fin on the Apollo I had into a tree stump in a lake at full speed.
It moved the fin back in the box almost 1" and bent the fin screws beyond my ability to straighten them.
Donnie Bowers at Fox Watersports was able to fill the back of the fin box with a thickend epoxy slurry with some glass cloth in it and then he put the fin back in with a mold release compound on the fin root.
Fin now fits better than when the board was new.
So, get some thickened Epoxy (JB weld works pretty good here) and some wax paper or mold release compound (even a thin plastic bag would work) and fill the damage in your fin box with the epoxy mixture.
The put the fin root in the box (leave it about 1/32" proud of the bottom of the board) and when the epoxy sets up your fin box will be as good as new with the front and rear tapers restored.
Don't get the epoxy all the way down where the top of the fin root engages the tapers, but try to get it so that perhaps the last 1/4" is free of the epoxy mixture.
After the epoxy has fully cured, take a round file and "fit your fin" as I suggested earlier, except now you will be working inside the fin box more than on the root of the fin.
Hope this helps,
29th July 2007 08:54 PM
RE: Tuttle fin in Deep Tuttle box

After 1/2 year I decide - tuttle 52cm fin is not good choice for deep tuttle box. Along borders off fin box are sanding. But is not mine problem. After little kick in stone fin go inside finbox. Fin box was demage
14th March 2007 03:35 AM
RE: Tuttle fin in Deep Tuttle box

Hi Romas,
The fitting procedure is the same.
Deep Tuttle into a deep Tuttle box requires the same amount of "fitting" as putting a shallow Tuttle fin in a Deep Tuttle box.
You cannot put a Deep Tuttle fin into a std. Tuttle box unless you cut the top off the Deep Tuttle fin root so that it's now a std. Tuttle fin root.
I think your Isonic 145 has a deep Tuttle box, and there's no problem (other than the std. amount of "fitting of the sides and front/rear tapers) in putting a 52 cm fin with a std. Tuttle root in the DT box in your Is 145.
You will however need a set of longer fin screws.
Using a bar of bath soap as a "marking medium, and a file to remove only the shiny black spots where the root makes hard contact with the fin box, it should take < 10 min. ro fit any fin.
If it goes in too deep, you can use clear packing tape to "shim it" back up, but a more permanent fix is to put some filler on the front and rear tapers, tape the filler to the radius while it sets up, then fit your fin until you have about 1/32" draw.
Hope this helps,
14th March 2007 01:36 AM
RE: Tuttle fin in Deep Tuttle box

Hi o2bnme

I afraid that 52cm Tuttle fin is not best choice for Deep Tuttle box (iSonic 145). It possible after some time, without any additional sanding, fin get into the box very deep. Similar process noticeable with Deep Tuttle fin and box combination. Probable with Tuttle fin this process will be more quickly.
13th March 2007 11:44 PM
RE: Tuttle fin in Deep Tuttle box

Are you looking for suggestions in how to make a Tuttle fin fit in a Deep Tuttle box? or the other way around?

Or are you looking for suggestions for how to sand a fin that is doesn&#39;t fit into the box without a fight?
13th March 2007 11:27 PM
Tuttle fin in Deep Tuttle box

It is good choice?
I have experience that Deep Tuttle fin after some time sanding Deep Tuttle box, and are very easily put fin to box. Sanding process with Tuttle fin must be more quickly.
Sorry for my english.

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