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13th August 2007 03:08 AM
RE: NP Saber or Excess as biggest sail on Kombat97?

..my old Supersonic has a boom measure of 199 (±1cm), and the -07 Excess has 198, so I guess the "point of power" (30% from mast?) whould be quite similar between the sails... if anyone has another opinion, please let me know...
11th August 2007 01:39 AM
RE: NP Saber or Excess as biggest sail on Kombat97?


From what can I remember, the Saber and Diablo were similarly camberless powerfull sails on one side. On the other side, the Supersonic sail (easy freeride) was sort of a detuned version (les powerfull, less stable overpowered, less quick and brutal acceleration) of the Diablo at that time.

At present time, the Supersonic would fit between a current Saber/Hellcat and an Excess : go figure...

Cheers !

11th August 2007 01:25 AM
RE: NP Saber or Excess as biggest sail on Kombat97?


Saber is great for blasting and freestyle à la supercross, but forget it for true waveriding. Excess is a good match for blasting, freestyling and waveriding, i.e., more in line with the Kombat program and with what you want to do infact.

The tail of Kombat 95 and 97 is pretty wide, so my guess is that an Excess 6.9 should be fine with your 75 kg. The tail of Kombat 86 might be a bit too narrow for your weight with such a large sail, however : sail size of 6.2 is fine with K86 and a 80 kg rider pal (he tried my board with his Search 6.2 sail and loves it).
I've previously used a Carve 111 2001 with Jet 6.9, NR 6.2 and NR 5.4 sails. The Kombat 95 felt as large as my Carve 111 during transition/manoeuver for my taste whereas the Kombat 86 felt much more lively underfoot for my light weight. The tail of Kombat 86 is large enough for my weight and 6.9 sail; that of Kombat 79 is way too narrow with such a big sail (NR 6.2 is still fine with a 28 cm crossover fin). The heavier you are, the less efficient a board can become to put sails larger than specs.

Cheers !

10th August 2007 02:50 AM
RE: NP Saber or Excess as biggest sail on Kombat97?

Well, my weight is around 75kg, so I consider myself normal built. My current 6.7 takes me planing in about 7m/s (still need som gusts around 10m/s...)

From what you say, I take it that the Excess is a better choice for the board? Still the max recommended is 6.5, so would a 6.9 still do the trick without affecting the board in a too much negative way (as said before, the Saber is also more powerful than the Excess, so maybe the Saber6.7 and Excess6.9 are pretty similar, powerwise, but with other differnces (manouverability etc)? After all, it is only 0.2 bigger than my current 6.7 which feels just ok. I think having to step down to 6.4 would leave me in a bigger need to get a 7.x sail, which of course could be used with my other 115l board (which for the time being, and the current quiver is "retired").

You are using the 6.9 on a K86? Isn't max recommended 6.0? How would this difference differ(!) if a 10kg heavier guy streched the limits in the same way? (Maybe the extra 10l I have would take the blame for the extra weight?)

Will try the straps in/forward, and start focusing on the gybe...
7th August 2007 05:16 PM
RE: NP Saber or Excess as biggest sail on Kombat97?


The Saber is a fast sail mainly designed for supercross : it accelerates quickly, it's very powerfull for a camberless sail and can become a bit physical to hold in overpowered conditions. It would better suit a S-Type board IMHO. If you're a heavy weight, it could be a good option for early planing.
The Excess is a freeride/freemove sail : softer than the Saber (less physical) and much more easy in maneuver/transition. This sail is a better match to the free character of the Kombat, especially if you're a light or medium weight.

As for sizing, I've tried a Jet 6.9 (ancestor of Excess 6.9) on Kombat 95 with either a 31 cm freeride fin (footstraps set outboard and back) or a 24 cm wave onshore fin (footstraps set inboard and front) and it was perfect for light wind blasting or waveriding. Now I use the same sail and setup on a Kombat 86 which is much more reactive for my light 65 kg weight.

As for footstraps placement, it's easier to learn jibing when they are set inboard and forward : easier fore/aft board's pitch and banking control during the turn which usually prevents you from stalling because you are more centered on the board. As you progress, you can move them back and outboard. To me, this changes the board character a lot, it's like I've got 2 different boards in 1.

Cheers !

6th August 2007 08:06 PM
RE: NP Saber or Excess as biggest sail on Kombat97?

I don't know much about the NP freeride sails, so I can not comment on that.

As for footstraps, generally, the more out and back you move both front and rear straps, the more freeride/blasting oriented the board gets. You can load the fin up more and for most types of sailing, straps back and out also means you will get a better balance on the board with a bigger and more drive oriented fin. All this gives you to opportunity to lay the sail back and "lock in" for a fast ride.

Straps forwards and inboard means you will tend to stay more centered on. This is better for all kinds of maneuvers, but carving, waveriding and freestyle stuff. It is a very different type of sailing stance where you don't load up the fin as much but on the other hand are in a more ready position for the tricks.

For mastering jibes strap placement is not critical, but maybe it would still be an interesting experience to set straps inboards and forwards. Effective jibing on the Kombat is done with the front foot in the strap and with the straps inboard and forwards, you have a much better chance to keep the board planing and also keeping a good carve. The reason is not only that you are standing balancing the board better but also that there is more room to place you rear foot on the rail without ending up in a very narrow and difficult to balance stance.

6th August 2007 03:59 PM
RE: NP Saber or Excess as biggest sail on Kombat97?

...ah, and I forgot... I am currently having my straps out and back (a bit surprised thet the board only had two positions, not three?), and have tested with both one and two straps back.

How much with its behaviour differ if moving them front, for manouverability? As I (75kg) am currently trying to master the gybe, what setup would be the best/easiest?

When I get to the water, I am always so eager to get out, that there is no time to experiment so much with the setup, I just want to get out and have nice power... B)
6th August 2007 03:54 PM
NP Saber or Excess as biggest sail on Kombat97?

Hi all,

I will very likely need to retire my current NP Supersonic 6.7 (-01 or 02?) and replace with a new one. My current candidates are the Excess 6.4 and Saber 6.7 of the -07 models. Although my old 6.7 felt quite nice on my Kombat 97 -07 (max recommended sail 6.5), I am unsure about its capabilities of taking on a 6.9 Excess, but feel free to share your experiences.
Main question is, how big is the difference between the sailtypes (Saber vs Excess)? Size-wise the saber would fit better to my current quiver, being same size as the old one, but maybe the Excess has more of the abilities that would fit the board better?
Or does the difference in size between these sails increase or decrease the differences between their abilities?

I am (currently) mainly freeriding/blasting/small swell with 4.7-5.7-6.7, although hopefully I will soon be able to try out some "real" waves... 50% of the sailing is done with the 6.7, but I must say that the board works like a charm with the 5.7...

Thanks for your thoughts and recommendations.

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