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14th September 2007 02:36 PM
PGvirtual Randy,

I do think you should look at one of the Phantom Hybrids. Either the Phantom from 2007 or the Phantom Race 320 from the 2008 line.

It has a dagger which makes it usable and fun in light winds, and a lot more fun as a learning platform for the family. It is wide enough to be sufficiently stable, and narrow enough to work well with the dagger down.

Short and wide boards are like barges in subplaning conditions, they are made ONLY for planing. A boardlength of about 300 cm starts to give you some glide (and thus fun) in light winds. At the same time teh Phantom will be a perfectly good planing blaster.

When you develop on this board and get a lot better I think it makes sense to complement the Phantom with a board in the 110 liter range, i.e. a true shortboard. You can just skip the boards in between.
14th September 2007 11:24 AM
James Hi Randy,

I have a slightly different perspective from Crazy. IMHO, a bigger board is better, especially if you will be sharing it with tentative wife and kids. A big board will make learning easier and light wind sailing more fun, and it will work just fine in strong winds, too.

I would definitely not go any smaller than the 170 liter GO, and might actually consider going bigger (200+ liters). Also, a board with a retractable daggerboard will give you more versatility in light winds, and help you get more time on the water for practice. If you are planning to do lots of sailing in winds less than 15 knots, a START or RIO might be a better choice than a GO.

Hope you get a chance to get on the water soon.
13th September 2007 03:50 PM
crazychemical Well, if you have someone that knows how to windsurf you can ask him/her to teahcyou. I mean, i learned my basics from my dad and once we got to th same level I just started learning from the internet and from magazines which has worked almost great. I'll be taking my first lessons next week for the first time so we'll see how great it will have worked . In any case, the set is a great deal, you can keep using the sail on much smaller boards (like >90 L boards) and the mast is great, especially cuz it's a 75 % which is what most sailbrands recommend you use.
13th September 2007 01:46 AM
RandyP Thanks Crazy....I have 4 kids and a wife that will start surfing at some point as well so the 170 would still have some good use even when I am ready to get a smaller board. The problem I have now, is that I won't be able to take lessons till next summer , and I'd like to take advantage of some of the end of season pricing now.
Thanks again for taking the time to reply
12th September 2007 02:35 PM
crazychemical Hey RandyP,

You want to begin windsurfing and buy your gear right away? Thats all good but but you need to realize that often you quickly get bored of large volume boards (member 'Windsurferdagg' had this, he had a GO139 which he bought after he learned the basics but got bored of it after he got to a more advanced level). Seeing as you weigh 90 K, like me i doubt you'd get bored of a 140 L board any time soon, especially in light winds where you'll need large sails (but thats a matter for when you're actively sailing).
What you may want to do, is take the GO package but later, when you have sailed a bit with an instructor, or someone who'll teach you the basic stuff, ie, tacking, un-and downwind sailing and that stuff. When you get those techniques mastered and you have more then enough balance on the big board and you're thinking of smaller boards, then consder the GO package that you suggested but with a GO 144 (or if you're chosing from earlier ranges the 139), which is a board that will keep you afloat but will be a lot less stable in the beginning (when i went from a 200 L board to the GO 139 it took me 2 sessions before i mastered the board, but once i did it sailed great in >14 knots with a 7.6).
The package you suggest has great material, better then whatever I have and i've been investing in the sport for 3 years now. The only thing you may want to consider is waiting a bit with chosing the board right away and first going for a few practice sessions in various conditions and then switching to a smaller board then you forsaw... It's just a suggestion.
12th September 2007 07:08 AM
Roger Hi Randy,
See the reply to your same post on the "Ask Our Team" forum:
Might want to bring this thread over the the "Windsurfing School"
beginner/entry level forum to get better feedback from sailors at the
same skill level you are.
12th September 2007 06:51 AM
Help for a beginner

Hello all....I'm new to the forum and to the sport. I've only windsurfed once about a decade ago in Jamaica. I really didn't understand sailing theory at that time and I almost made it to Cuba (thanks to my rescuers) In any event I have now become a sailor and really want to start windsurfing. I need help choosing appropriate equipment however. I want a progressive board that won't be outgrown too quickly and I was considering the GO line. I weigh 90 KG so I was thinking a 170 would be most appropriate although I would like to hear what you all think.
A local store has the following special:

Go Deluxe Package $2799 Canadian

* Starboard Go
* Sailworks Retro 6.0m Sail
* Sailworks Joystick 430 Mast (75% carbon)
* Chinook Extension
* Chinook Mast Base
* Chinook Boom
* Chinook Uphaul
* Adjustable Harness Lines

Do you think that the equipment is good stuff that I will enjoy cutting my teeth on and beyond? I'm not so much interested in the price as the equipment in the package.
Thanks for the advice.
Best wishes

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