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12th May 2008 09:07 PM
Kimba Got to back Carl up on this one.
I have broken 3 screws also,1 on my iSonic 122 and 2 on my 94. The front K9 inserts should be removed as they only serve to increase the shear force on the screw in hard gybes. I also tighten the screws every session and even take the tiki tool in my back pack to tighten during the session. I also think that the screw finish has less friction(than others i have had) and works its way loose with the continual slight movement of the strap when sailing in chop. This is the only negative of a fantastic range of boards, but can also be the most frustrating as the screws are a pain to remove.
I have made over 10 custom boards and always use 4 screws per strap without any problems. My 94 has inboard inserts to allow this but not the 122. Surely this would be a small weight sacrifice for straps that never twist.
30th April 2008 08:55 PM
Roger Hi Andy,
No worries!
I (and others) "Barked about" there not being one for years, so they finally came up
with one.
When the first Starboard Tiki Tool screwdriers came out, with the chrome all the way to the point, I (and others) "barked" again, because the tool slipped in the drive recess and tore up the screws,was not heat treated so it lasted about half of one FS installlation.
Now they've finally gotten it right.
30th April 2008 03:02 PM
Klint Roger,

Sorry for barking about the Tiki tool, good to hear that Starboard has adressed the problem and launched an altered model.

/ Andy
30th April 2008 08:31 AM
carl macdonald Hi Roger,

Broke off while sailing along. The screws have broken off down inside the inserts. I tighten the screws every time i sail as i do sail up to 20k's in an open lake - so wouldn't like to pull out in the middle. Would have had board for 6 months before breaking a screw and now have broken 3 - so it seems to me to be bad screws. Have had 5 starboards and found the screws always seem to loosen over time but not snap off in board.


29th April 2008 09:29 PM
Roger Hi Klint,
I think you will find that the new 2008 Starboard "Tiki Tool" screwdriver
(with the red handle) has the geometry, the materials, the heat treating,
and the coating, to withstand the rigors of footstrap and fin screw installation.
It's at least as good as the proverbial "F2 screwdriver".
I agree, the first "Tiki tools" were junk, but after about 9 years of being "urged"
to come up with a good tool, Starboard finally has one.
A question for Carl Macdonald (the original poster) here.
Did your footstrap screws break off above the deck so you could remove the
broken stub easily?
Did the drive recess strip out at all?
Did the screws break as you were installing them..... retightening them,
or while you were out sailing and the screw just broke off?
Again, for those of you installing your footstrap screw for the first time,
try rubbing the screws with a bar of soap or some beeswax or paraffin
(surfboard sex wax would be good) to lubricate them so they go in
more easily, and cut cleaner stronger threads in the plastic FS inserts.
Then snug them up after a couple of hours of sailing.
Hope this helps,
29th April 2008 04:06 PM
Klint Sounds like a clear warranty issue.

Quailty of steel used in the windsurfing industry is not always the best. For instance, the ridges on my Tiki tool screw driver bent and were scraped down only from a few screws driven. This also resulted in rounded of screw heads now difficult to tighten properly. I went to a hardware store to pick up a quality $20 Philips # 3 screwdriver, massive differenct to the Tiki tool, not even comparable.

It's irritating and provoking that producers of our expensive gear are shortsighted enough to include crap screws and crap screw drivers. It's important that they learn that by doing this it will cost them much more in the long run. So please stop using cheap, soft crap chineese steel in our windsurfing products.
29th April 2008 06:35 AM
Unregistered Hi Klint,

3 x Screws have broken off in the board / insert. Certainly not from overtightening or undertightening - i believe they must be a bad batch of screws. 8 month old board and apparantely not a warranty issue that i found out after sending the board across the other side of Australia and without a board for 3 weeks - great fun after spending over $2000 on a board.


28th April 2008 06:47 PM
Klint Hi Carl,

Just to get some clarification, is it the screw itself that broke or do you mean the insert? Please elaborate a bit further.

/ Andy
28th April 2008 11:30 AM
carl macdonald
isonic broken screws in board

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has had problems with footstrap screws? I have broken 3 in the last 7 months and tighen the screw as advised everytime i ride. - even broke one when screwing a screw into the board. Have had several starboard's and 1st ever issue.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Carl .

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