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21st November 2006 06:52 AM
Jesper Orth
RE: Code Red - Broken batten removal

Broken battens!!! - What a nightmare it can be to fix or replace, and all you want to do is just keep sailing.

We have changed batten supplier for the 2007 Severne sails and the quality and building strength is a lot better. Under the testing we don't have any reports on broken battens.

For sure if you wipe out into the sail at 40kts speed - you might find a broken batten from the impact. But under normal use we would be surprised to see any broken battens for 2007.


20th November 2006 05:40 PM
Ian Fox
RE: Code Red - Broken batten removal

Hi Martwald,

Take out the broken back half, wind the very BACK end of the outside end of the rod (opposite end to break) with some masking (or similar) tape (just a few fine turns, wound on VERY tight). Wind the tape from the "front" (old very back) of the batten back down the rod towards the remain tube section and (important) with the very first turn shape a small "point" with an overlap of tape beyond the end of the rod; this you can then twist down to help form the "arrow" you are going to use to direct the tape/rod/batten into the back of the broken rod.

then feed the broken batten back into the batten pocket BACKWARDs
(so tail/ rod/ tape first). Two people is definitely best now but not essential. Take some fine long nosed pliers (or Leatherman etc) and carefully push the (new back/broken) end of the batten so it goes all the way into the back end of the front broken piece.

Now the tricky part : using the long nose pliers carefully (you will be just INSIDE) the back end of the batten pocket at this stage ) twist the back batten around (like a corkscrew) and use the twisting to drive the taped end of the rod into the (broken) back end of the front tube section. At this time you might need a couple of tries to get the right tuning, adjust the tape thickness (more or less as required) and another hint to it try and work in the same twisting direction as the tape is wound on, so the friction against the front batten section tends to tighen the winding of the tape, rather than unpeel it.

You need to drive the back end of the batten fairly hard forward into the broken front pice, go carefully and again two people make it easier initially. But once you successfully docked and the tape grabs tight, you can withdraw the back half with the front half attached.
No damage to the sail required.

This all sounds wayyy complex (to write) but hopefully you undertsand the concept, with a little practice or experiment it works really well, especially if minimal other tools etc on hand. Another trick can be to use an alternate (longer) batten in the same way (either a longer one from that sail, or from another larger sail etc), but in most cases with a little practice the tape + reversed old back (broken) half is working fine..

I agree breaking battens is not fun, but especially in hi speed the impacts are pretty fierce and the super stiff tubes giving such good on water performance in these conditions do tend to become victims to 100kg projectiles hitting them at warp speed.

Cheers ~ Ian

PS : The repaired batten you did will work OK but obviously not technically as stiff at that point as original (rod joint being softer than tube). My best GPSSS this year I sailed the whole session with completely broken batten, cant be all bad..
11th November 2006 03:49 AM
RE: Code Red - Broken batten removal

Instead of removing the batten I just cut a 3" piece of standard 8mm carbon tube, glued 1/2 of it into the section of batten I removed, then pushed the remaining 1/2 into the broken batten remaining in the pocket, essentially making a two piece batten (same as 2 piece mast). I will know better tomorrow if the sail sets correctly but I would imagine it will, the fit was perfect and can't see why this won't work. I'll report after the 50mph winds forecast tomorrow.
10th November 2006 10:23 PM
RE: Code Red - Broken batten removal

Hi Martwald,
Often, if you remove the 2 adjacent battens (the one above and the one below the broken batten) you can carefully work the broken piece out of the batten pocket.
Removal of the adjacent battens allow your to "bend" the enitre sail in the area of the broken batten and by bunching the sail up a little at a time over the broken piece, you can bunch it, grab the end near the break, and pull the luff sleeve away from the broken piece.
Two people will make it alot easier (one to bunch the sail along the pocket and one to pull on the luff sleeve after you've worked the piece out a few inches.
I don't have a Code Red, but if it has camber zippers, then you may be able to open the zipper, take the cam out and perhaps push the tip of the batten back from inside where the batten sticks into the camber.
It's the first couple of inches that's usually the toughest. As soon as the tip of the batten comes out of the webbing or the cam pocket, it gets easy as that's the front tapered part of the batten (the smallest part) and once loose it should slide through the batten pocket really easily.
You still have to work it along by bunching the sail a bit, but once free of the front where the pocket is tight or the batten is seated in tight webbing, it usually comes right out.
Hope this helps,
10th November 2006 07:22 PM
Code Red - Broken batten removal

I snapped a batten on my Code Red and the break was total, therefore when I attempted to take out the batten, only 3/4 of it came out, the remaining 1/4 remained in the batten pocket.

I have no idea how to get it out other than cuttting the batten pocket, anyone have another way to deal with this.

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