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8th October 2014 10:14 AM
NWF Good question, I suppose I use it more of a point and shoot board I suppose with 9.5... As its too wide to race, so slalom doesn't really start for me until aboard my IS 120...
7th October 2014 07:10 PM
mcross19 Hi Guys, not yet tried the Techart, must admit that I only got it the other day as there was a big mix up on delivery address. Right on time for the big winds! I tried to post a picture but with no joy, basically it has a lot more rake than the standard fin so should be more slippery and therefore faster but maybe not so early to plane but then that doesnt matter so much with the 8.6m.

So Allan that ZF is basically a formula fin, right? so do you treat this board like a formula board and stick a powerful fin in it or like a slalom board cos at the end of the day it is a slalom board for all intents and purposes.

Off to play with the tri-fin set up on my new freewave, will report back on that and the 'US' when I have some info.
7th October 2014 02:24 PM
NWF Any feedback on the Techart RSL06?

I have decided after feedback from Remi to purchase a ZF56cm S .... He bought a 58 for himself and found it to be so so powerful for the board..
24th September 2014 09:55 AM
Ericred0 Hmmm bit pricy i think for what im going to get out of it. How did the Techart RSL06 perform?
16th September 2014 11:24 PM
mcross19 Yes I am Eric although at over 200 they are not cheap, I found it gave me a little too much lift when using the 9.5 with the US in gusty conditions. Another option would be to get yourself a Techart RSL06, mine turns up tomorrow and hopefully will get to use it over the coming week. My friend is using these successfully in his isonic 130, you should find them easy to source as they are hand made there in Italy.
16th September 2014 03:44 PM
Farlo Hello Eric,

Air density decreases with temperature. From 5 to 35C it goes from 1,27 to 1.14 so your 9.6 feels one sqm smaller (roughly). Air density also drops with altitude. I've seen people windsurfing at lake Cenis in the Alps (~2500m) with huge sails though it was quite windy. They told me that otherwise they would not plane at all. Lake Trasimena is not that high I guess, but altogether it makes a sensible difference.

16th September 2014 02:19 PM
Ericred0 Thanks for the fin advice Mcross are you suggesting i try a pre preg 58cm to get the same benefit as using a longer/larger fin? and Belskorpio i was thinking id try a 60cm of some sort in the future. I have noticed that with the ultrasonic because we're trying to get the most out of it in marginal planing conditions its very correct fin dependent.
Unregistered i thought the figures would of been much greater than the ones you quoted because the effects are quite striking especially the bouyancy of the board, not just this board but my isonic and my S type. To put it into context its the opposite to the difference when i sail in Dahab on the Red sea i find i can reduce my boards volume by 10-15 liters and thats going from UK fresh water into warm salt water. Anyway please don't think id like to get into a Geeky Tech discussion over this i just wanted to make a point that our kit works very different in different waters and climates. Thanks Eric
15th September 2014 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by Ericred0 View Post
I've recently moved to live in central Italy and my local lake is lake the lovely lake Trasimena which is'nt renowned for strong winds so my main board once again is my Ultrasonic i use this with my Point 7 Ac1 9.6 and the standard 58cm fin which in the cool waters of the UK is fine but the lake is so warm that the density is quite low making me glad for the extra board volume, but the fin is definatly not big enough. The other thing is due to less dense air the sail seems to produce much less power, all in all the board doesnt feel as early a planer and it certainly doesnt sail through the lulls as well.
The point im trying to make is feedback from UK users is possibly quite deceiving to warmer country users around the world and in the UK we certainly get better performance from our kit. I do still think this is a great board and wouldnt be without it......
Hope this makes sense.
Hi Eric
The difference in density between a welsh lake and an italian one is going to be pretty small (10ths of a percent) and the buoyancy difference is maybe 1-2%. I can't imagine there is much difference in the salinity of the two lakes to cause anything noticeable Maybe my maths is wrong or the air density is the big thing that is causing the problem or maybe there is some other factor???
15th September 2014 10:20 AM
BelSkorpio Yes, I agee. The standard 58 Drake is not bad, but it can easily be pushed into a slip when pointing sharp. Even with my 8.8 sail.
With my 10.9 sail, I use a Deboichet R12 / 64. That goes very well. But I think it will be too big for a 9.5.
15th September 2014 09:02 AM
mcross19 Eric, I have the pre-preg version of the standard drake fin and it definitely delivers more power than the standard one, maybe you could try this solution?
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