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12th March 2008 01:54 PM
Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Any thoughts on 2007 Evo 70 versus 2007 JP Real World Wave 69? Thanks in advance!
I've sailed both recently, in 4.5 light/gusty conditions. My impressions, entirely subjective:

* Slogging. Similar, both go windward ok.
* Quick-to-plane. Evo better.
* Planing. Evo smoother, RWW has the annoying JP signature slappy ride.
* Quickness/responsiveness. RWW reacts quicker to banking and foot-steering.
* Bottom turn. RWW gives more control of radius.
* Off the lip. Similar.
* Top turn. RWW launches way more spray.
* Big air. Similar.
* Flatwater pop/chop hop. RWW sticks to the water less.
* Passing the whitewater. Similar.

Comparing the boards side by side: nearly same length, width and volume. Evo seems to have more parallel outline vs. curvier outline for RWW. RWW definitely has thinner rails and thinner tail, and, according to the specs, it's a half-kilo lighter. Then there's that voodoo channel bottom on the RWW - but it seems to work...

All in all both work very good, no real negatives.

Maybe someone else has same or different opinion? Let's compare notes.
8th March 2008 09:57 AM
Unregistered Any thoughts on 2007 Evo 70 versus 2007 JP Real World Wave 69? Thanks in advance!
16th February 2008 01:01 AM
Ola_H The 05 is a od board too and thre are much more similarities that differences compared to the 07 70 XTV. However, the XTVs are really an evolution of the shape. Regarding the 70, I don't feel it is sinificanty faster or earlier planinign (rather simlar to the 04-06). But turning is better. Especially, the top turn is now much smoother and easier and the faster you go the more noticeable this is. The way this was done was with a refned v profile and slightly adjusted rocker.

08 and 07 are rather similar when it comes to the 70. The 08 is slightly thicker (+2 liters maybe) and the ouline is lightly adjusted.

The insecurity prblem you felt on the 05 70 is largely an adaption issue. Wle you will never get the same direct rail connection as on an Acid, the EVO 70 still handles big bottom turns very securely when you're used to it. The main trick is starting the bottom turn with some mast foot pressure. Ie, drop in, settle the board by some mast foot pressure and then go about turning pretty much how you like The aster the wave, the more important it is to keep some mast foot pressure throughout the turn. This becomes second nature after a while.

Bottom line answer: The 05 is stll a rather up to date shape, but if you surf faster waves, the 07 is certainly an upgrade. The 07 70 is my fav EVO so far. I'm on Maui ow. Its the only board I brought.
15th February 2008 03:40 PM
Bubba Ola, I'm still noodling on the question of the EVO. Now considering two EVO alternatives: the 70L 2007 XTV, versus the 2005 70L. Some thoughts:

Scotty's video infomercial seems to say that the XTV is faster AND tighter turning than previous EVOs. Wow. How did they do that?

Realistically, what differences would someone feel between the 2007 and 2005?

According to the website, for 2008, the 70 was replaced with a whole new shape, while most of the others in the line were simply refined from the previous year. Were there any shortcomings in the 2007 shape that necessitated a complete reshaping?

I had a chance to try the 2005, and the main things I liked about it: a. it gets through the whitewater in marginal wind much easier than any other board I've tried. b. unique feeling of the bottom connecting with the lip. The one main thing I did not like: felt precarious or insecure on fast steep waves - I did experience some unexplainable wipeouts, as if the board just caught an edge and flipped over.

Bottom line: Is a 2007 worth a few hundred dollars more than a 2005, in comparable condition?

Thanks for your help.
8th February 2008 12:48 AM
Bubba Thank you very much, Ola! I should have mentioned, the EVO will replace my WC, it will be my one-board quiver. From what you say, it will feel a little bit different in some areas, but, as long as I tweak the right dials and push the right buttons, it will do the job. Sounds good to me.
7th February 2008 04:23 PM
Ola_H Really hard to say. Many people like the wave cults too. I think the EVOs are more hard core wave riding oriented. Many people like them for hih wind freestyle too, but they do not have as much compromise towards give you the classical straightline feel as the RRD. In other words, the RD offers a "sharper" ride.

I think I can confidently say an EVO will have a wider range once on the wave. It performs both in small and slow waves, but also in bigger faster waves due to its kind of "calm" ride. Taking into account the RRD is a bit smaller, I think that the EVO might have a wave performance edge in slow wave and with big sails.

Despite some difference in width, I don't think the EVO 70 would be so good as a complement to the Cult 68. There will be an almost 100% overlap when it comes to sail sizes. The Cult is narrower and slightly smaller, but has a faster rocker. The EVO is wider but has a slower rocker. At your weight, think you will be able to put just as big a sail on both of them. In high wind, the calmness of the EVO will pretty much cancel the width difference and be about as easy to control as the Cult (this depends a bit on your sailing style too though).

The feel is different though, so if the price is good and you want to widen your views on what kind of curves one can draw on a wave face, the EVO might still be a nice addition.
7th February 2008 07:56 AM
Evo vs. Wave Cult

I've been riding around on a RRD 2006 Wave Cult 68 (68L, 230cm, 53.5cm). Now I have an opportunity for a great deal on a 2005 Evo 70 Wood (229x55). Any ideas on how the Evo would compare vs. the RRD? I sail sideshore and onshore, light winds and big winds, 4.0 to 5.0 (mostly 4.5), small waves and big waves, jumps, old-school tricks, and I weigh 65kg. Thank you.

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