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28th March 2008 10:50 AM
Unregistered Well, I go out with my 5.7 and stype 115 in 10-12 knots for just playing around not planning and doing heli tacks, upwind 360s, duck tacks and other spin tricks...but its not as easy as in a wide board...still fun if you dont have a wide board.
But for sure...get one old wide board if you cant afford a new one or dont have someone to borrow one...I can also say that any wide board works, no matter if its good or not, dont need center board, no center fin...almost dont need fin...or well, a 10cm fin is enough...but if you cant find any fin its ok....use your rails to go upwind...or swim...its cool too when you realize that windsurfing is nature too.

there might be old starts, hiflys, bics...around there almost free....

check for them...your life will change...today I had a really good day in light wind freestyle, start + 3.3 in 5-10 knots...I invented a new trick and had an hour practicing to improve it...really fun!

Ricardo Guglielmino
27th March 2008 07:26 PM
windsurferdagg I got out the most on my 7.6 last season. Second I use 111 L hypersonic as my playing around light wind (non planing non powered) freestyle. Practicing upwind 360's, heli tacks, variations of duck tacks etc. The whole thing is I can get one board. So I sell my hypersonic and can get one board. I can't afford getting a second big 140 L board. It would be a waste.

So 110ish L board would not be good for playing around in lighter winds (heli tacks and such with a 5.0 sail etc in non powered wind)

But would it be good for just playing around with a 7.2 and 5.8 just jumping and trying moves like rail grabs and vulcan attempts etc when the wind picked up?

I use my 7.6 (which I am selling for a 7.2 that will fit on my 100% 460) the most and play around even on that when powered doing helis etc.
27th March 2008 03:13 PM
pierrec45 > If the wind is not for planning forget about big sails, find a wide board
> and go for light wind freestyle...

Fully agreed that non-planing freestyle in lower wind ranges is not only fun but also useful in understanding certain aspects of short board.

Unless you have guaranteed strong wind out there, don't make the mistake of being "too good for the wind" and miss out on outings - use opportunities to rehearse in non-planing conditions.

27th March 2008 02:47 PM
Unregistered I'm 64 kg, and I use a 90 liter freestyle board with maximum sail size 5.2. Larger boards feel heavy and sluggish to me.

At your weight (68kg), a 110 liter board seems like a lot. Think of it this way: If a lightweight like you or me is on a 110 liter board, almost the largest production size, what does that leave for a 85 kg bruiser? Speed-sailing perhaps?

Good luck.
27th March 2008 09:43 AM
Unregistered Hi, I forgot to mention:

when you say light wind freestyle maybe we can get confused.

I would like to say that I go for the Start in light wind freestyle = non planning freestyle.
In the middle of both planning and non planning you can go for some nice tricks like geckos and all the different tricks around them....with a non-wide board.

If you want to check what i mean about non planning freestyle i dont mean old school freestyle...I mean new light wind freestyle.... find in youtube.com some about this using words like "bonaire" and "caesar".

best luck
Ricardo Guglielmino
Starboard - Severne Rider
27th March 2008 09:38 AM
Unregistered Hi,

well, I also had a Hyper and then went to an S-type and now I am getting into freestyle...is addicting.

Well, my personal advice now that I am working on freestyle more and more:

Go for a Flare, the one around 110 liters sounds ok for light wind days...and also ok for moderate wind days. I will say you to have the biggest sail that allows the smaller rigging parts so you have a light sail. Better to have a light sail, pump and do a maneouver than to have a very big sail and be planning half time and get exhausted in any maneouver. Again, its better to practice your pumping more and more to have it more efficient. I have seen guys pumping with a 5.0 and doing freestyle while others with 6.5 cant get planning.

If the wind is not for planning forget about big sails, find a wide board (100cm wide) and go for light wind freestyle...really fun and also lets you learn a lot about freestyle as all tricks can be understood in a wide board (but shorter than 270cm) first like a Start, Rio or something similar...then you can sail from 5-15knots with a 4.5 sail and just go for your FLARE in 15kntos up for high wind freestyle.

Last week equipment for me:

4-14knots: START (15cm fin) + 4.2 S1
15-19 knots: Stype (cutted fin to 15cm) 5.7 Blade
20 knots +: Stype (cutted fin to 15cm) 5.0 Blade

Well, I am a kind of slalom, freestyle freeride sailor. This board with different fins does everything for me, but as I am progressing fast to freestyle I will have soon my freestyle dedicated board...FLARE 99.

best luck!
27th March 2008 08:00 AM
Serious Answers Needed

I am selling a lot of my possessions and have a serious windsurfing position here.

Background info: Sail a hypersonic 111 for light winds. Have an old hand made 80 L fsw shape from the mid 90's as my high wind board. I have a 7.6 naish redline sail for light winds, then have a 5.8, 5.0 and a 4.1 for the bigger days. First year windsurfing was last season in 07. I seem to be progressing very fast and pick up things fast as well. I have been sailing just in straight lines with the jibes and the jumps and the forward loop attempts. I am 150 pounds (68kg) and 6 feet (185 cm).

My sailing style I think is turning into freestyle, as the conditions we get around my local spot are flat or a tad choppy. There are no waves really around here either. (Wave sail around 3 times a year in onshore conditions)

My plan as of now is to sell the hypersonic 111 (2004) and hopefully get a decent freestyle board around 110 L. I was wondering if the flare from 06-08 would be good for me. I am going to sell my redline 7.6 (2006) and my 490 mast that goes with it, as well as my big boom and buy a 7.2 Goya FXR (which I can hopefully get for a discounted price). It will hopefully fit on my 460 and my wave chinook triple clamp boom (my redline almost fit).

My questions are:
1. Would the Flare model around 110 L be good for lightwind fun with the 7.2 down to a 5.0 for learning freestyle?
2. Does anyone else have any recomendations? I plan on sailing the board I get in winds even less than planing conditions on my 7.2 (if I get it) with smaller sails and work on lightwind freestyle. I can do this on the hypersonic no problem, but would the decreased width make this harder on the Flare? or is it totally doable

Thanks a lot for your help,


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