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31st May 2008 12:37 AM
Unregistered Interesting thread. I do not have the KA117, but here are comments on my recently purchased KA127 (2007 Wood). I weigh 165-170 lbs, been sailing for many years and currently own Carve 101 FreeFormula 157 among other boards.

I bought the KA127 to replace my AHD FreeDiamond 70 which was an early planner and more salmon oriented since I wanted to cross over into ocean and waves but still use in bays. For my weight, I would have gotten the KA117 but the price was too good to pass up. So far it has been great in the bay in light winds (15 mph) on 7.5 Severne Gator and even more fun when wind picks up on 6.2 Aerotech Phantom Wave (20-25 mph). It not an early planner like the AHD but I can still pump onto plane with good technique and bearing off with swell. Mast track is one-third to half way from back depending on sail size. The commentor above is correct regarding finding the sweet spot on rocker line. Too far forward and the board get more sticky. Also, found straps in wave set up works best since an upright position seems to apply more downward mast and fin pressure resulting in more speed. If necessary, once under way you can still wiggle feet out of straps to hike more for more salmom like ride. So far the stock fin works (I believe 38) with both fins and have not even bothered with wave fin yet. I like the forgiving volume in the lulls and I can always slog back if wind dies. I also like the short length for a smooth ride through the small waves and chop. The light weight should work well for jumps. I can feel it want to lift I can't wait to get into waves and ocean.
I agree the board is a freak design but it sure fills a niche for the sailing I am seeking. I will give up some early planning for the versatility it offers.

Sorry for the long post. Hopefully, some can benefit from these comments.

Andrew Pierce
30th May 2008 03:07 AM
Unregistered KA 117 is good waveboard for really heavyweight (me 115kg 250lbs) forget all early planing shit, guys like 60-85kg have huge amount of choices to get early planer even waveboard. Its designed for heavyweights waveboard over 105kg...
26th March 2007 01:14 AM
RE: KA117 anyone really happy with that board?

The other day when I was out on my AE 127 with straps out, 44 cm fin and a 6.5 the board sailed really bad... Really BAD... Poor pointing, very poor planing and bad control.. It felt like having a handful of weed around the fin... I have tried the same combintion with the Drake 40 fin that came with the board. That was completely useless..
I then switched the 44 fin to the 30 wave fin, put straps in and loosened the outhaul a little.
The board really came alive. Speed went up, planing came back, and the manueverability of the board really shone.. It went from shit to great.
Basically the board seems to be a wave board, and thats it. Maybe ok for freeriding with bigger sails.
These boards - AE/KA - are quite niche boards and experimentals. I think Starboard, in the future, should take more care not to experiment too much with their customers money...
I like the AE when conditions are ideal for it, but it's NOT an all rounder like t.ex. the Carves or S-types. It's a specific board for specific conditions...
25th March 2007 09:29 PM
RE: KA117 anyone really happy with that board?

I have an Aero 117 since June 2005and I have had five other Starboards over the past six years.
I had an opportunity recently to test the Kombat Aero 117 over a number of hours.
I could not find a single quality that I liked in the Kombet Aero 117.
I totally agree with Duracells comments.
I will be keeping my Aero 117. If I had to replace it, I would possibly buy a Tabou Rocket, which like the Aero 117 has very nice sailing characteristics.
20th March 2007 04:24 PM
RE: KA117 anyone really happy with that board?

Hi Per,

as I stated above I loved the A117.

I just the hate the new KA127/117, I already returned the KA127 and I'm quite sure the KA117 will follow shortly. I'll still fiddle around with the mast position but I will not put an even larger fin on that board.
And yes, fins supplied with starboard board quite frequently suck big time (not all of em but some).

20th March 2007 02:24 PM
RE: KA117 anyone really happy with that board?

Hi Duracell
The Aeros are love and hate boards.
I have the 127 and love it in it's right conditions when I can really play and throw the thing around i far from ideal conditions.
I hate it when the wind is not soo enough and the bastard just won't unstick and plane or point.

I have switched the standard fins with even deeper ones. I use a 44 freeride fin on the 127, even with a 6.5 sail.
It works on the early planing, speed and pointing part but of course the board is more loose with the wave fin.
Generally I think the major "problem" with the Ae/KA is a fin problem.
Starboard make great boards and shitty fins (and foot straps, they should leave this part to those who already can).
I mostly never use the fins that come with my Star boards.
A good experience I had on the AE was to move the mast track back to about 1/3 from the rear. It's like the rocker on the board is quite short and back, and when the board is controlled from the back it's easier to find the "sweet" spot to step down and get the board on a plane.
18th March 2007 02:06 AM
KA117 anyone really happy with that board?

I had an A117, K107, KA127* and now a KA117 and a K86

I loved the A117 hated the KA127 and after about 8 sessions just can't find any reason to keep the KA117. The K86 planes earlier (easier is maybe the better thing to say), is faster (GPS) and gybes much better.

Is anybody really happy with their KA117?
- I can't persaude the thing to plane (it just sticks and sticks and sticks, what people used to say about the A117, which I could never support)
- during the gybes the "power steering?" kicks in and grinds the board to a halt. Narrow radius gybes are only possible down the face of a wave. I'm still wondering if there is a power steering or if the power steering is a nice marketing way to phrase my experiences with gybing that board.

Any input from a happier customers?

*(FT138, ST104, C145, C111, A117, ST137, plus the list above).

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