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9th August 2009 03:05 PM
alan876 futura 122 with 8.4 for 64 kg (light person)
Do you think a 45 select is a good choice ?
28th June 2009 02:39 PM
Spinouts with Futura

I have a Futura 122 Wood and I did use it in choppy water with a 7.5 Severne C2 (two cams) in very choppy waters (gusty winds 4 to 6 bft), my weight is 80 kg. I had absolutely no spinouts with the provided 40cm fin, but I am used not to push the boards to hard with the back foot, but letting them glide towards the upwind direction smoothly . . .

To improve the performance of the board, I can recommend the drake race fins from the I-Sonics. I use the 2008 40cm witth a V8 7.0 and the same 42 cm fin with a V8 8.0, works great, the board is gaining performance which is comparable to a slalom board. I also already used the board with 8.5 C2 and a 46 cm select elite custom fin, I think it can also carry my V8 9.0 with this fin . . .
28th May 2009 02:19 PM
Unregistered leaving the subject a little, sorry for that.....

but as you are experienced Futura 122 drivers (and I am new on the 122), which fin sizes/make would you recommend for a 85 kg person using 6.7 & 8.0 sails on the 122 Futura ?
28th May 2009 04:03 AM
Ken Windnc,

You got it right - get another fin. Hopefully Starboard will find a better fin design for their futuras and iSonics in the future. Sanding the Drakes helps, but only a little. I have a Techtonics fin on my iS 111 and it is a 100 times better than the Drakes.

I doubt that anyone uses the Drakes. Why not cut the price of the boards and skip the fins, or at least come up with one decent fin?

Conceptually, the two fin plan for the iS boards is great, Starboard just hasn't found the right fin yet.

Just think of all the money spent on fins that are just sitting in boxes somewhere rather on the back of boards. Such a waste.
28th May 2009 01:28 AM
Windnc 2mas, Roger, Norvest:

Thanks for your responses to my post and concerns about the 40cm Drake Fin that comes with the Futura 122. I am glad to hear that others have experienced similar spin out issues with these fins and is not just me.
I have made a decision to scrap mine and have ordered a Vector Fins Canefire 40 to replace the Drake. So I hope I will end up getting significantly better performance with this new fin. I may also end up getting a smaller fin but will wait to see how this one works first with my smaller sails.
It is just too bad that considering the cost of today's boards that manufacturers can't include a first rate performance fin with them.
27th May 2009 03:45 PM
2mas Hi windnc!
I have the same problem with my futura 122. With other boards like jp super-x, i can put a lot of pressure on the fin, blasting like hell. The same pressure applied to my futura, the fin spinns out frequently! It feels like that the standard futura fin is softer compared to the jp fin.
18th May 2009 06:16 AM
Spin out

I have the same experience with my Futura 122. I feel that my 34cm MFC slalom fin has moore grip than the Drake 40 supplied with the board.

Several tests has also pointed out that the original fin is a bit soft, and spins easily.

Regards Norvest
17th May 2009 08:51 PM
Roger Hi Chuck,
I had a similar experience with both the Isonic 111 and Isonic 96 yesterday.
Sailing in fairly bumpy knee high chop with an '09 6.5 m2 Sailworks Retro.
Have you checked the surface of the Drake fin to see if there's any raised
areas in the graphics.
I've had some success rubbing out the graphics to get the surfaces of the fins
smoothed up, but both of the Isonic fins I tried yesterday had already been
wet sanded.
Both of them spun out pretty easily.
The 46 cm on the Isonic 111 let loose, but was fairly easy to get back without losing too much speed.
The 34 cm on the Isonic 96 would let go big time, tail of the board went downwind at least 30 deg. and you could not pull it back without almost completely stopping and changing course way downwind to reattach the flow.
So, I agree, there are some issues with the supplied Drake Fins on the Isonics.
17th May 2009 02:57 PM
Windnc Please note that I meant to say regarding the fin spinning out, "and getting it to re-engage without slowing down considerably was difficult."

17th May 2009 01:21 PM
Futura 122 Fins

Yesterday I sailed my Futura 122 for the first time. To start I weigh 90kg (200 lbs.). I started out in 14-15 Knot flat water conditions with an 8.3 cammed race sail. I used a Maui Fin Co. RC2 46cm fin which worked great with this sail.
Later the wind increased to 16-18 with gusts -20K, so I switched to a 7.3 cammed race sail and put the Drake 40cm fin on that comes with the board.
I mounted the mast base at the recommended position on the board. By this time the water was getting rougher with 1.5 -2' chop wind swells. I noticed that the fin was spinning out frequently, especially when I was pushing the board hard upwind, and getting it to re-engage without slowing down considerably.
Later I rigged a 6.8 Freeride sail (no cams), same wind speed, and still had spin out problems with the Drake 40cm fin. I was trying not to push too hard on the fin and I am a very experienced windsurfer, including Formula sailing, but am new to this type of slalom board.
So I am wondering if others have had spin out problems with the Drake 40? Should I get a better race or slalom fin in the 40 cm range? Perhaps a 36 cm?
Any thoughts/recommendations are appreciated.

BTW, I love the board and it rides and jibes beautifully.


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